Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Green Snowman & new stash

I stitched on Green Snowman for a short while late yesterday. Got the hill finally done but for the little squares scattered throughout it. Haven't been able to work out what colour they did them in because the chart doesn't seem to mention it, unless I've missed something. Nicole, I know you have the kit, are you able to figure this out for me? My guess is they're done in grey.
SB Green Snowman progress at 25 Mar 2008

Got home today after being out having my car serviced and filling in time at the shops, and there's a small packet waiting for me at the front door. It was my order from The Busy Needle which was really quick to arrive. I think it was only posted last Thursday. Considering the Easter break, that's really fast. Great service too as they've sent that the same day they received my payment details.

I ordered the LHN shop exclusive kit called The Busy Needle, and since they were having a 25% off sale I decided to get the Heart Of America kit, and a few more threads. The list being:

Gloriana - Dried Pink Roses
Gentle Art - Tarnished Gold, Straw Bonnet, and Gingersnap
Crescent Colours - Ye Olde Gold, Roasted Chestnut, and another Weeping Willow (though this one has dark green going through it too, I can't win)
WDW - Swamp Water

The Busy Needle shop exclusive kit 'The Busy Needle' and Heart Of America kit both by LHN

The Busy Needle kit showing threads included

Heart Of America kit with threads and buttons included with the chart

I best be off and get some dinner for these cats. They're starting to meow that they're hungry.


Nicole said...

I'm loving Green Snowman! The colors are so pretty! And I love all your new stash! That's great that you got your order so fast and on sale - even better! :) Enjoy!!

Chrissie said...

You get the most interesting mail Jane:) I love getting that kind of mail. That was really fast service with your order arriving so quickly.