Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Green Snowman

I worked a bit more on Green Snowman late yesterday and there's now some colour in it. The hill is taking longer than I thought it would, but will look lovely when finished.

SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Green Snowman progress 22 Mar 2008

Below is a photo with my usual scissors I use for needlework. It's a cat fob which I bought from a needlework shop in Malvern, Victoria, years ago called The French Knot. It's no longer under the same owner which is a shame because it was the best shop I've come by ever. The lady that ran it knew about running a shop. It was well stocked and presented. It's changed owners a couple of times now. It became Bustle & Bows (they have a shop in Surrey Hills too, which is still open) and now it's called The Needlepoint. Haven't been back there since it was known as The French Knot. I should go there one day to see what it's like, though the memories of what it used to be are holding me back.

Green Snowman with my favourite Lift-n-Snip scissors

I love using these scissors because they have a little hook at the end that you're able to lift up threads quite easily when cutting them. The cat fob is filled with dried lavender and even after having it for a number of years, you can still smell the lavender slightly. These were the first scissors I bought and are definitely my favourite pair.


Alison said...

Jane, that snowman kit is gorgeous and I love the colour of the linen. I might have to get some of that soon! You have been going great guns with all your stitching & I am loving your pics. You've also enabled me with that LHN breast cancer design and (maybe) that gorgeous fob too! Thanks. :)

Barbara said...

What an adorable fob!