Saturday, April 16, 2005

A few stitches

Since I haven't picked up a needle for a while, I thought I'd better do some of my latest project, Little Witch. She's been neglected for too long, and really needed to have some legs and a head put on her :-) I didn't do a lot of stitching, but at least it's some progress.

Here's a pic:
Image hosted by

She's such a darling little piece, and I should put my effort into finishing her soon, then I can start on my next project.

At this stage, I think I may do Little House Needleworks - Colonial Dry Goods. I have everything kitted for it, including the R & R Americana Blend fabric, which is an interesting colour. LHN have only been designing for a few years, I think. I like their patterns, with the darker palette Americana Country, and their softer palette Country Cottage designs.

Friday, April 08, 2005

My Heart's Garden

I've just been looking at the SB BB and found out that SB have released a new kit called My Heart's Garden. I'm so liking this one with its whimsical look and gorgeous colours. They've included a piece of country creme linen with the kit, which will have a mottled look to it (just love the mottled, older looking linens).

I'm amazed how SB can keep coming up with lovely designs all the time. There is the odd one I'm not mad on, but overall I like them all. I guess that's why they're my favourite designer :-)

I'll be getting Come Tarry (retreat kit from September 2004) when it comes out around June, so My Heart's Garden will be added to my list. I get so much joy when they release something that I love. Pathetic, eh? I don't care, it's my passion.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Too hot to stitch

Hi again. Still haven't picked up a needle lately. I'll go through spurts where I just have to cross stitch, then I loose all enthusiasm for it, and I won't do it for a while. Guess I'm in one of those moods.

All depends what else I'm doing as well. Lately I've been out in my garden, trying to get it in order. I've been lawn mowing, grass edging, pruning, and planting. Lots of jobs to get done. It's looking pretty good at the moment. Sorry, no photos to show.

The weather has been quite warm these past weeks too, so the palms get a bit sweaty when trying to stitch. Still need to get back to Little Witch.