Sunday, September 04, 2005

Off on my holiday!

Hi there, sorry I haven't posted for a while. To tell you the truth, I haven't been doing any stitching since my last post. I feel really bad that my craft is being neglected, but I have been busy on other things lately, which I won't go into.

Just thought I'd post before I head off to Queensland tomorrow for a 12 day break. Escaping the cold Victorian weather, and enjoying the warmer climate up north. I look forward to it!

One sad thing I had to do was to drop my two cats off at the cattery. There's no one to look after them while I'm away, so this was the next best alternative. My one year old, Sasha, is taking it all in her stride. My four year old, Sophie, being more timid, doesn't think much of the ordeal at all. It's their first time away from home, but at least they'll be looked after. I'll be excited to pick them up when I get back. It sure is quieter at home without them.

Well, this is bye for now. Hope to write some more when I arrive home.