Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's New Pussy Cat?

A few people lately have been wanting to know when I was going to do another edition of my famous 'Pussy Magazine'. Well, wait no more! Here it is...

(Remember this is supposed to be light hearted and meant to give you a laugh. I don't intend to offend anyone.)

So this cover has my youngest Birman, Charlotte on it. She's gazing out the window wondering where the sun has gone. Since we are still in Winter here, this edition has articles relating to the season. Pity you only get the chance to view the front cover because you'll be amazed what's inside! Good luck finding yourself a copy.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Just dropping by!

I'm sorry that my blog's been very quiet lately but my lack of stitching has led to a lack of enthusiasm for blogging. I still haven't started anything new but I do have something to show you. It's the latest Girl Club Stacy Nash kit for which I'm a member through Country Sampler. It arrived recently and I thought I would share some pictures with you.

It's called the Country Sampler Liberty 1776 Sewing Pouch. It includes lovely pieces of fabrics as always, so you're never disappointed. There's some 32ct Dirty linen, reproduction cotton print fabric in natural with a red flower dotted throughout, a piece each of natural and olive silk matka, and your thread along with a mother-of-pearl button. Stacy has been raving lately about the silk matka and now I can see why. It's really lovely and quite rustic looking with its uneven weave. I don't know whether you would cross stitch on it but you could probably try if you like a challenge. I think it's purpose is more of a fabric than a linen if you know what I mean. So using it as a backing or applique would serve it better.

I see a few others are going through a bit of a lull with their needlework so I'm in good company. We all have highs and lows with whatever we do in life. I don't want to force the issue with my stitching because then it will feel like a chore, which it shouldn't. I will get the enthusiasm back again in time so please stay with me and look out for a future post update. Thanks to those who have emailed or commented on how I am. Everything is fine, though it's still dam cold here where I live. Maybe when the warmer weather comes and there is more light I will want to pick up my needle again. Thank you all for the time you take to comment and read my blog.

Just before I go I will leave you with a picture of my adorable cats. I love them to bits and they are both keeping warm during this cold weather we're having. They get along so well and are truly great friends for each other. They keep each other company while Mum spends long days at work. This photo was taken while they were on their cat house. They both just squeeze themselves on the top of it and sometimes have a battle of the wills to see who can push the other off so they can have it all to themselves. This day though, they were happy to share.

Til next time...