Monday, March 31, 2008

Green Snowman finished

Managed to finish Green Snowman today. How cute does he look?

SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Green Snowman
Started 21 March 2008
Finished 31 March 2008
Fabric is 30ct WDW Guacamole with silk threads as per kit

Green Snowman with leftover threads

I should get back into My Needle's Work and sort out this vine problem. Still have so much to do in the garden also, it's such a tug of war on my mind. What to do - stitching or gardening. I know what I would like to do the most. Yep, stitching! I'll have to compromise :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleigh Bells Stitchery

This is a picture of a stitchery that Mum did a couple of years back. It's by Carol Newton from Neverending Thread (pattern can be purchased from their website) called Sleigh Bells Stitchery. The pattern was originally printed in a magazine called Australian Homespun (No. 30 Vol. 6.4). I really love this one and admire it whenever I see it at Mum's house. I was at her place today and thought I would take a photo of it to post for other people to see how lovely it is.



Off the track a bit, but it's a question I've had from Lori about the song I'm playing on this blog called This Love. It's by the Australian twins The Veronicas. They're from Brisbane, they're 21 years old and they've had quite a few hits here in Australia. This is their latest song that's been released only recently, and one of my favourites at the moment. I've put a couple of other songs of theirs on my mini iPod (bottom of blog), called When It All Falls Apart and Untouched. I love most of the songs they've released so far.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not much to go

Hopefully another stitching session and I should finish Green Snowman. The weather's turned sour here and hasn't been very good to do any gardening, so I thought I'd turn a negative into a positive and do some more stitching. He's looking a bit armless at the moment, but I'll soon take care of that.

Green Snowman - 29 Mar 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

It helps to read instructions

I got some more of GS done tonight. I've worked out how to do the squares throughout the hill. They are done in grey, and also stitched as a smyrna cross over the original cross stitches. I hadn't read the entire instructions and tonight I thought I would look over the other sheets to see if I could find any more information. Funnily I did. How silly am I? So I did those, finished the backstitch on the first house window, and started the snowman.

Green Snowman

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some more of GS to show

Here's a pic of what I added to Green Snowman today. Thought I'd do the houses next. After stitching the hill, I wanted to have a break from all that creme thread. I just know the snowman will take longer than I think. Actually the whole design is taking longer than I first thought. Still liking it though.

Green Snowman - progress on 27 Mar 2008

I'm lucky I got this much done. One of my cats, Charlotte, decided that she would like to hop on my knee later in the day and have a cuddle. Very cute I know, but frustrating if you want to get some stitching done :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Green Snowman & new stash

I stitched on Green Snowman for a short while late yesterday. Got the hill finally done but for the little squares scattered throughout it. Haven't been able to work out what colour they did them in because the chart doesn't seem to mention it, unless I've missed something. Nicole, I know you have the kit, are you able to figure this out for me? My guess is they're done in grey.
SB Green Snowman progress at 25 Mar 2008

Got home today after being out having my car serviced and filling in time at the shops, and there's a small packet waiting for me at the front door. It was my order from The Busy Needle which was really quick to arrive. I think it was only posted last Thursday. Considering the Easter break, that's really fast. Great service too as they've sent that the same day they received my payment details.

I ordered the LHN shop exclusive kit called The Busy Needle, and since they were having a 25% off sale I decided to get the Heart Of America kit, and a few more threads. The list being:

Gloriana - Dried Pink Roses
Gentle Art - Tarnished Gold, Straw Bonnet, and Gingersnap
Crescent Colours - Ye Olde Gold, Roasted Chestnut, and another Weeping Willow (though this one has dark green going through it too, I can't win)
WDW - Swamp Water

The Busy Needle shop exclusive kit 'The Busy Needle' and Heart Of America kit both by LHN

The Busy Needle kit showing threads included

Heart Of America kit with threads and buttons included with the chart

I best be off and get some dinner for these cats. They're starting to meow that they're hungry.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

City Stitcher Country Stitcher kitted

This one is a chart that I've had for a few years now. It's one of the first LHN purchases I've made. I got the 28ct Irish Creme fabric a while back and yesterday decided to see whether I had all the DMC threads on hand for it. To my excitement, I did! Here it is all kitted up.

LHN - City Stitcher Country Stitcher kitted. 28ct Irish Creme linen & DMC threads

I really like this design as it incorporates the notion of country and city life coming together. I love the country myself (peace and quiet) but I live in a metropolitan area.

The threads have a great selection of browns and lovely earthy colours. I love the houses in it too, so colonial looking.

Hopefully I'll stitch this sometime during the year. Whenever I look at it in my stash I can't wait to start on it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Got some more done today

I stitched a bit more this afternoon. Once I get over this hill (ha, ha!) it will be smooth sailing from there on. I think the rest of the design won't take as long to do. I'm really enjoying it and the fabric looks great with the threads.

Scanned image of Green Snowman

More Green Snowman

I worked a bit more on Green Snowman late yesterday and there's now some colour in it. The hill is taking longer than I thought it would, but will look lovely when finished.

SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Green Snowman progress 22 Mar 2008

Below is a photo with my usual scissors I use for needlework. It's a cat fob which I bought from a needlework shop in Malvern, Victoria, years ago called The French Knot. It's no longer under the same owner which is a shame because it was the best shop I've come by ever. The lady that ran it knew about running a shop. It was well stocked and presented. It's changed owners a couple of times now. It became Bustle & Bows (they have a shop in Surrey Hills too, which is still open) and now it's called The Needlepoint. Haven't been back there since it was known as The French Knot. I should go there one day to see what it's like, though the memories of what it used to be are holding me back.

Green Snowman with my favourite Lift-n-Snip scissors

I love using these scissors because they have a little hook at the end that you're able to lift up threads quite easily when cutting them. The cat fob is filled with dried lavender and even after having it for a number of years, you can still smell the lavender slightly. These were the first scissors I bought and are definitely my favourite pair.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A new beginning

After being so frustrated with MNW I decided to start on something else last night. Shepherd's Bush Green Snowman was looking very yummy to do, so I grabbed the kit, ironed the fabric, sorted the threads, and began stitching. Didn't have a lot of time to work on it, but this is what I got done.

It was lovely going back to silk threads. I just adore them. They glide through your work so easily. The fabric is 30ct WDW Guacamole which is quite rich in colour. Lovely for something a bit different. This design has a whimsical feel to it which I love. This picture below shows a more accurate colour of the fabric. Depending on what light you take the photo in, will determine the colour it comes out.

SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Green Snowman kitted

I've decided to think about what to do with MNW. I don't want to rush into a decision that I'll regret later on. With the design being the same on either side, I'd have to place an extra stitch in the wording (perhaps in the 'L') and in the middle of the bottom pattern, if I wasn't going to pull out the vine and start again. I just need some time and a fresh look at it. Thanks for your suggestions to leave it as is, you're more forgiving than I am :) Chrissie, the fabric I'm using is Lakeside Linen 28ct Vintage Lentil which is what the pattern calls for.

I've been out in the garden today. It's a lovely, sunny day and a good chance to tidy up. I've just had a late bite to eat, and thought I'd give an update on what I'm doing with my stitching. Hope every one's having a lovely Easter break and take care.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Some more stitching

This is my latest photo of MNW. I should be enjoying this one, but I'm not. Firstly it was the Weeping Willow thread which is the green. The skein that I have has a lot of dark going through it. So I'm trying to do most of the stems dark and the leaves pale, which has been a challenge. Then I'm stitching along today and have now realised I'm one thread out on the right side. I'd virtually have to pull everything I've done today out to rectify it. So now I'll have to try to fudge the whole design. I could kick myself because I was careful with the left side when stitching it, checking the position as I went along. Today though I just went ahead at full steam. That will teach me.
Maybe I should put it aside for the moment and start something else. I tend to lose interest in designs when I either make a mistake, or the thread colour isn't turning out how I thought it would. So with this one I've got both deterrents playing a part. Don't you just love it when things don't go according to plan?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another find

I'm like a woman possessed at the moment with my stash.

You never know what you'll find just by looking. Checking out other people's blogs is a great way and is so enjoyable, but on the other hand you discover new things available in the needlework world that you simply have to have. Then you go searching to find out how you can obtain these things. Which leads me to my latest discovery via Katrina's blog. I was having a look at it yesterday and saw a design by LHN which I hadn't seen before. I read on and she mentioned it was an exclusive kit she got from The Busy Needle in Arizona. Apparently Diane Williams of LHN is a local in this area and she has designed an exclusive kit for them. It's called The Busy Needle funnily enough.

DIANE WILLIAMS (LHN) - The Busy Needle shop exclusive kit

I thought it was so cute I couldn't resist, so I've already gone ahead and ordered it. Don't need to wait to decide on these things. Grab it while you can I say!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More stash in the mail!

Some more goodies arrived today which I wasn't expecting so quick. This was from a place called Only One Ewe Needleworks in Indiana. I was really only wanting to locate somewhere that still had the LHN Thread Gathering kit. I came across this shop while searching on the net to see who still had any left. Since it wasn't going to cost me any more in postage, I decided to get a few extra items while I was at it. The kit was at a reduced price, and most of the other things were too. I love the MOP thread holder, and the thread colours they chose are so earthy looking, which appeals to me. Just have to decide what fabric to do it on.


The other thing I was eager to get was the book by Blackbird Designs called Thank You, Sarah Tobias. I've seen it quite a bit on other people's blogs and have thought how lovely the designs are in it. Apart from the Sarah Tobias design, I like Morning Of Life and Blooms For Sarah, but they're all wonderful.

BLACKBIRD DESIGNS - Thank You, Sarah Tobias

I also got a couple of charts from LHN - Cherry Tree Inn, and Willow Tree Inn. I'm really starting to get hooked on LHN designs. I still love Shepherd's Bush and always will, but it's nice to have another favourite. I ordered a few pieces of fabric too - R & R 32ct Mockingbird (quite dark), Lakeside 32ct Vintage Light Examplar, and Lakeside 36ct Vintage Meadow Rue. CC Brandied Pears thread I got as well.

I'm really going to town with my stash enhancements at the moment. I can't seem to stop myself. Maybe I should go into therapy! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Small progress

I couldn't quite get it together with my stitching today. I haven't seemed to have done much on MNW. I think it's the hot weather we're still getting here in Victoria. It really slows you down and makes you feel lethargic. Hopefully it will get a bit more comfortable over the next few days. If it was Summer, it would be hot, so it's really hot considering it's Autumn. Yesterday was the hottest day on record for March (39 Celsius).

LHN - My Needle's Work

I took this picture using my digital camera (Canon IXUS 75). I just wanted to see how it would come out compared to using my scanner which is what I usually do for my progress pictures. It's probably a bit more true to life looking than the scanned images.

The CC thread called Weeping Willow that came with my pattern has a lot of dark green running through it and not much light. The picture that comes with the pattern shows more of a lighter shade with no dark at all. That's the only thing about hand dyed threads, there seems to be quite a variance in dye lots.

Mum and Dad are coming over to visit tomorrow, so I may not get any stitching done. I've got some needlework information printed up to give to Mum, no doubt we'll talk about that. She doesn't have the Internet so I try to keep her up to date with what's going on in the world of needlework. I'll be able to show her some of my stash I received lately too.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I was looking at the Elegant Stitch site last week and came across this kit.

It's by Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours called Where There Is Life. It comes in kit form which includes chart, threads and linen. I think it's been available since last year sometime. All monies raised from the sales of the kit goes to breast cancer charities, so that's a pretty good thing. I couldn't resist and have ordered one. They also had a scissor fob for the same charities. This too I have ordered.

They're such appealing things to buy, but when you know the money is going to a good cause, that's even better. I always thought needlework was a positive thing :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

Just been to see The Other Boleyn Girl at the pictures tonight. I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. Not a great time for women to live in, and it was certainly a male dominated environment, that it made you appreciate the times we live in today.

It went for a good two hours or just over, but it kept your interest the whole way through. Usually I go to see romantic comedies so this movie was a bit different for me. Would certainly recommend anyone to see it though.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Needle's Work day three

This is day three with My Needle's Work. I've spent most of today on it because I haven't felt like doing anything else. Needlework is the only thing I'm motivated to do. It's still so hot, but I've had the airconditioning on, otherwise I wouldn't be able to stitch and we can't have that!

It's amazing how much more stitching you can get done when you don't have to go to work. Not much housework is getting done mind you, but do you think I'm worried? Not at all :)

I plan to go visit some family and friends on the weekend, so I'll have to put the needlework on hold.

Will definitely get back to it next week though.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More stash and stitching

The second part of my order from Needlecraft Corner arrived today. I'm spoiling myself with all the stash I'm getting lately. I decided to get the pillow for CCN Home Sweet Home chart. It's better than I thought it would be. The fabric has a wrinkle effect in it and the colours are more a muted than primary shade, which I love.

TRAIL CREEK FARM - pillow for CCN Home Sweet Home chart

With the pillow came the rest of the Bent Creek Big Zipper, being the fabric and threads in its big pouch. I'm keen to see how this one stitches. Don't know when I'll do it, so there may be a wait.

BENT CREEK - Big Zipper master kit with fabric and threads, Kelmscott ruler, thread holder, and scissors.

I got some more stitching in today. Really liking this design, she's so cute. LHN designs are so simple yet very enjoyable.

LHN - My Needle's Work

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stash and progress

I did some work in the garden today but not too much because it was getting hot. We're in for a few days of warm weather, and instead of being Autumn it still feels like Summer. I'm not a Winter person so I don't mind it when it's hotter. As long as it's not too hot. The only thing is, I won't be able to do as much gardening outside (which it needs), but I can still stitch inside :)

And that's generally what I did today. A bit out in the garden but then came in and started on My Needle's Work. I couldn't resist it. I was itching to start and I had to listen to the voice within. As I mentioned before all I was waiting on was the fabric, which arrived today. I ended up getting the 28ct Vintage Lentil that the patterns asks for. I don't stitch on 28ct that often and I'm quite liking it. Much easier to see. The fabric colour doesn't look the same as it is in this picture. Here's how much I did...I also mentioned about more stash I received today. This is the majority of the order though I have a couple of things still to come from it.

This is the Bent Creek Big Zipper Kit. Once I'd seen it on the net I couldn't wait to get it. Though it's not cheap, I was able to get 30% off the main kit and 25% off the three smaller kits. I'm still waiting on the thread and fabric for the main chart which should arrive within a couple of days. The smaller kits already have the thread which is pearl cotton, and the colours are a lovely muted shade. Very happy with them. Can't wait to see what the fabric looks like. It's an 18ct linen which I've never stitched on before, so that should be interesting.

This picture is of the rest of my stash. Another LHN chart called Needlework School. Would have liked to have gone to one of those schools when I was younger :) Three charts from CCN being Rose Cottage, Little Ballerinas, and Home Sweet Home. Both these designers I'm loving more and more. I also got some fabric - 35ct straw, 35ct parchment, and 32ct Autumn Blush. I simply love the straw fabric. The piece I got is quite dark which is great for patterns with a darker colour pallet. Parchment is gorgeous too. A bit surprised with the Autumn Blush. It's had dyed in the shade of soft pink/mauve. Not what it looked like on the net. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll find something for it. I ordered some threads for the charts, a couple of Caron Waterlilies (Rose Bush, and Fraises du Bois) and Thread Gatherer Dried Roses.

Is this the end of of my stash purchases for a while, I hear you say? No, of course not. There'll still be more to come over the next few weeks. Then I'll have to stop and start saving again for my trip.

My Needle's Work kitted

I got some more stash in today. This was part of my birthday order. I'm very excited about starting this one, as I've been watching Nicole's progress on hers. The fabric was all I was waiting on so now I'm ready to go. I hope to start on this soon, as today I should get out in the garden and do some weeding.

Will let you know of the other things I received later. Just couldn't wait to get this picture up. I'm dying to start it. Write more later...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Back from my trip

I arrived back late this afternoon, cats were fine, nothing damaged, what a relief!
We went to Barwon Heads which is on the south west coast of Victoria, past Geelong. It's a lovely little town by the water and over the years more shops and eating places have opened there. It was quite relaxing, though you don't do too much, you still end up feeling tired. The weather was beautiful for the three days, though it gradually got warmer and warmer each day. Caught up with my brother and sister in law with their darling daughter. They are holidaying there for a week. Here's a couple of pics of the area:

Barwon Heads - beach (looking towards the bridge that heads to Ocean Grove)

Barwon Heads - main shopping area

While I was away the two things I kept thinking about were my cats and stitching. I missed my cats, and I was thinking about the stash I'll be getting this week and starting LHN My Needle's Work. It's funny how you go somewhere nice to relax but you still think of things back home.

Friday, March 07, 2008

It's finished

I was determined to get this one finished today. I spent most of the day on it and I really wanted to get it done because I'm going away for a few days from tomorrow.

This was stitched on 32ct R & R Americana Blend fabric. They call for 28ct fabric and I think I could only get the 32 at the time. I didn't need the two skeins of CC Antique Lace, and the smaller count fabric is probably the reason why. There wasn't a lot left from the one skein mind you. The other thing was I found a mistake in the pattern. The top right design didn't match the left, so I had to frog it and make it identical.


Well, I'm going away for a few days with my sister, and will be back on Monday. Mum and Dad are going to check on my cats so I hope they go alright (the cats that is, not Mum and Dad). They'll probably sleep most the time anyway.

Will write more next week. Hopefully I'll have another stash report from Needlecraft Corner. This will be my birthday order. It will have the Bent Creek Big Zipper kit in it, which I'm eager to see. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Colonial Dry Goods update

This is a piece I started way back in 2005. I must admit I got a bid bored with the border so I put it down for a while. I was thinking today what I could start next, then Colonial Dry Goods popped into my head. So I got it out and stitched the rest of the bottom border. It's a LHN design and I like the old fashioned look to it. I just have a row on either side and the top of the border to do now.

After this one's done I really want to start on LHN My Needle's Work. I'm just waiting on the fabric which should come in the mail next week. I'm looking forward to stitching it.

I'm really liking a lot of designs from LHN and CCN. They must be coming in second, behind Shepherd's Bush as my favourite designer. I've got some more of their charts on order at the moment.

An update on Thread Gathering kit... I've found a shop that has two left, so I should be able to get one. Next time they bring out a limited edition kit, I must take more notice of it and decide whether I want to get it in a shorter amount of time.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stash arrived today!

How exciting. I got my package from The Rocking Horse today. Everything I ordered except a couple of Crescent Colour threads were there. These are the goodies I received.

The list goes:
THE PRIMITIVE NEEDLE - Hornbrook Angel, and Yule Game Board charts. LA D DA - Harvest Angel chart. LITTLE HOUSE NEEDLEWORKS - My Needle's Work (threads included), and Home of a Needleworker (Too!) charts. SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Dashing, Come, Green Snowman, and Soft Spring kits. Some Wisper thread (pale beige heather), and Crescent Colours threads.

Mum's order was included also. Here's what she got.

SHEPHERD'S BUSH KITS - Christmas Treat Bag, Shepherd's Scissor Fob, Violet Roll, Americana Roll, Shepherd's Roll, and Snow Treat Bag. She loves how everything's included in these kits to finish them. She also got the same Wisper thread that I ordered.

So I went to Mum's and Dad's this afternoon to drop off her stash. She was quite happy with it all.

You'll notice the difference in the colour of these two photos. I was reading Nicole's blog before and she wrote about taking photos. She said to take them in natural light then you'll get a better shot. How true this is. Mum's stash was taken in the morning, and mine was taken in the late afternoon. There's quite a difference in the lighting. I could have used the flash on the camera, but most of the time I like natural looking shots. Though I don't mind the warm glow my stash pic has. The only thing is it's not a natural colour.

I checked my emails before, and I received one from The Silver Needle saying they don't have any Little House Needleworks Thread Gathering kits left. These are a limited edition so now I'm worried I won't find a shop that still has some. More searching is required for this one. I'm determined to get it now. Isn't it the case? I've seen it for a while and thought it would be nice to get, but didn't do anything about it. Now I've decided to get it, I feel I may have left my run too late. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Guess what I've done!

Since it was my birthday month in February, I placed a needlework order with Needlecraft Corner. If you're registered with your birthday details, they will let you purchase any in stock items at a discount for the entire month of your birthday. You get one item for 30% off and all the rest for 25% off. There are some conditions - like no discount on Shepherd's Bush kits :( so I get these at other shops where they let you buy them on sale. A girl has to save when buying so much needlework you know.

So you're still wondering what I've done, aren't you? Well it's not just the sale that's interesting. It's what I've bought that's the fun part. I'm getting some fabric, threads, charts, accessories, a pillow, but I'm still not telling you the best part. A couple of entries ago I talked about Bent Creek's Big Zipper kit... Yes, I've gone ahead and ordered it! I added it to my order with Needlecraft Corner. They were able to give me a discount with it, so I'm getting the large kit and the other three smaller kits that's now available. I'm so happy. Now I just have to wait a week or two to get my goodies.

My order with The Rocking Horse should be here in a few days. They were waiting on a couple of items before they sent it out to me. I've ordered Shepherd's Bush new kit Green Snowman, so I hope they were able to get this one for me.

The other item which I was after was Little House Needleworks Thread Gathering. This is a limited edition piece so not everyone has it. I've placed an order trying to get it through The Silver Needle, but have to email them to see whether they had it in stock. I ordered a few other items with them, but only if they had the LHN Thread Gathering.

I just love Little House Needleworks. I'm starting to collect a few of their patterns now. I've got Colonial Dry Goods in my UFOs, so I better do something about that and get it finished. I'm loving My Needle's Work which might be something I could do in the near future. I'm waiting for this one to come in with my recent orders.

Little House Needleworks - My Needle's Work

Today was my last day at work for four weeks. I'm taking my annual leave. I've got plenty to do around the house to tidy up, but I do hope to get some stitching done. One can plan these things, but what actually ends up happening can be quite different. My number one priority is to sleep in tomorrow :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house

This is what I came home to the other day...

I have two cats. One is mild and meek and doesn't get up to much mischief, the other can be a little naughty at times, and this is one of those times.

I bought this decorative frog while on holiday in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland a few years back. We were visiting a town called Montville which had a lot of craft shops there. I found this frog in one of the shops and fell immediately in love with it. Now it's eyes have been torn apart by my cat Charlotte whilst at work. To say the least, I was not impressed. She hasn't done anything this bad before. I hope it's not the start of future behaviour. I have a lot of decorating items she could get into.

Here's a picture of how it would have looked like when the crime was being committed.

Sophie would have gone along with it once the crime had occurred. Charlotte (on the right) would have thought of the idea from the start.

Pets, don't you just love them?