Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stash arrived today!

How exciting. I got my package from The Rocking Horse today. Everything I ordered except a couple of Crescent Colour threads were there. These are the goodies I received.

The list goes:
THE PRIMITIVE NEEDLE - Hornbrook Angel, and Yule Game Board charts. LA D DA - Harvest Angel chart. LITTLE HOUSE NEEDLEWORKS - My Needle's Work (threads included), and Home of a Needleworker (Too!) charts. SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Dashing, Come, Green Snowman, and Soft Spring kits. Some Wisper thread (pale beige heather), and Crescent Colours threads.

Mum's order was included also. Here's what she got.

SHEPHERD'S BUSH KITS - Christmas Treat Bag, Shepherd's Scissor Fob, Violet Roll, Americana Roll, Shepherd's Roll, and Snow Treat Bag. She loves how everything's included in these kits to finish them. She also got the same Wisper thread that I ordered.

So I went to Mum's and Dad's this afternoon to drop off her stash. She was quite happy with it all.

You'll notice the difference in the colour of these two photos. I was reading Nicole's blog before and she wrote about taking photos. She said to take them in natural light then you'll get a better shot. How true this is. Mum's stash was taken in the morning, and mine was taken in the late afternoon. There's quite a difference in the lighting. I could have used the flash on the camera, but most of the time I like natural looking shots. Though I don't mind the warm glow my stash pic has. The only thing is it's not a natural colour.

I checked my emails before, and I received one from The Silver Needle saying they don't have any Little House Needleworks Thread Gathering kits left. These are a limited edition so now I'm worried I won't find a shop that still has some. More searching is required for this one. I'm determined to get it now. Isn't it the case? I've seen it for a while and thought it would be nice to get, but didn't do anything about it. Now I've decided to get it, I feel I may have left my run too late. Stay tuned...


Chrissie said...

Oooo, how exciting Jane. I see you have got the Harvest Angel there. That is going to look great as a companion piece hanging with Garden Angel. May I ask what you have planned to do with that gorgeous Wisper wool? I love the colour of that. Hope you are enjoying your leave :)

Jane said...

I love the La D Da Angel series, except for Earth Angel. Must be the colour of it. I've also got Old Glory Angel in my stash but am yet to get some fabric for it.

I haven't got a particular design in mind for the Wisper thread. Mum wanted some and I thought the colour looked lovely, so I got some for myself as well. There'll be something I can use it for I'm sure :)

Thanks for the birthday message before, and my leave is going well. Staying up late and sleeping in. I just have to get a bit more motivated to get things done.

Nicole said...

Great stash haul Jane! I love it all! :)