Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Guess what I've done!

Since it was my birthday month in February, I placed a needlework order with Needlecraft Corner. If you're registered with your birthday details, they will let you purchase any in stock items at a discount for the entire month of your birthday. You get one item for 30% off and all the rest for 25% off. There are some conditions - like no discount on Shepherd's Bush kits :( so I get these at other shops where they let you buy them on sale. A girl has to save when buying so much needlework you know.

So you're still wondering what I've done, aren't you? Well it's not just the sale that's interesting. It's what I've bought that's the fun part. I'm getting some fabric, threads, charts, accessories, a pillow, but I'm still not telling you the best part. A couple of entries ago I talked about Bent Creek's Big Zipper kit... Yes, I've gone ahead and ordered it! I added it to my order with Needlecraft Corner. They were able to give me a discount with it, so I'm getting the large kit and the other three smaller kits that's now available. I'm so happy. Now I just have to wait a week or two to get my goodies.

My order with The Rocking Horse should be here in a few days. They were waiting on a couple of items before they sent it out to me. I've ordered Shepherd's Bush new kit Green Snowman, so I hope they were able to get this one for me.

The other item which I was after was Little House Needleworks Thread Gathering. This is a limited edition piece so not everyone has it. I've placed an order trying to get it through The Silver Needle, but have to email them to see whether they had it in stock. I ordered a few other items with them, but only if they had the LHN Thread Gathering.

I just love Little House Needleworks. I'm starting to collect a few of their patterns now. I've got Colonial Dry Goods in my UFOs, so I better do something about that and get it finished. I'm loving My Needle's Work which might be something I could do in the near future. I'm waiting for this one to come in with my recent orders.

Little House Needleworks - My Needle's Work

Today was my last day at work for four weeks. I'm taking my annual leave. I've got plenty to do around the house to tidy up, but I do hope to get some stitching done. One can plan these things, but what actually ends up happening can be quite different. My number one priority is to sleep in tomorrow :)

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Chrissie said...

Happy Belated Birthday for last month Jane. I hope you had a lovely birthday. How exciting ordering all that stash. Isn't it great when the parcel actually arrives. Enjoy your annual leave too. Maybe you will get lots of stitching done during your break.