Monday, March 10, 2008

Back from my trip

I arrived back late this afternoon, cats were fine, nothing damaged, what a relief!
We went to Barwon Heads which is on the south west coast of Victoria, past Geelong. It's a lovely little town by the water and over the years more shops and eating places have opened there. It was quite relaxing, though you don't do too much, you still end up feeling tired. The weather was beautiful for the three days, though it gradually got warmer and warmer each day. Caught up with my brother and sister in law with their darling daughter. They are holidaying there for a week. Here's a couple of pics of the area:

Barwon Heads - beach (looking towards the bridge that heads to Ocean Grove)

Barwon Heads - main shopping area

While I was away the two things I kept thinking about were my cats and stitching. I missed my cats, and I was thinking about the stash I'll be getting this week and starting LHN My Needle's Work. It's funny how you go somewhere nice to relax but you still think of things back home.

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Aussie Stitcher said...

Just found your blog through another, and what a small world it is, we are regulars to Ocean Grove as we have a holiday house there!!