Friday, December 28, 2007

Gingher Glory Scissors

Well, my scissors arrived in the mail yesterday! How cute are these? I just love things a bit different, plus they're in an Americana design (even better). I got these from Homespun Hearth which is more of a fabric/patchwork shop I think. Less chance of them selling out than at a needlework shop. They were a good price too which helped out with the postage. Since these are a limited design I thought I'd better do something about getting them. I saw them selling on Ebay for more than I paid, including the postage as well!

I've got four days off work now and was hoping to do some gardening, but it looks like we're in for a heat wave. Hopefully I'll still be able to do something. Maybe I should look at doing some stitching. That would be unusual for me lately. I've still got SB Autumn Blessings sitting there. I was put off with it by the colour of the words. It looked different to what the picture had. I hate when that happens.

It's not like I'm short for ideas to work on. Here's my latest stash list:

2004 Fob Kit/Scissors *
2005 Fob Kit/Scissors
A Lamb’s Egg Kit
A Rosey Garden Kit (with mat) *
Adore Kit
Advent Sampler Kit
All Through The Year Chart
Americana Folio Chart *
Americana Roll Kit
Americana Scissor Fob Kit
An American Sampler Kit
An Elizabethan Needle Cushion
Angel Song Chart
Angel’s Song Kit
Antique Heart Roll Kit
Apple Kissed Autumn Kit
Autumn Blessings Kit/Mat
Autumn Chart
Baa Baa Little Sheep Chart
Baby Bug Ball Kit
Beekeeper’s Cottage Kit/Mat *
Bee Scissor Fob Kit
Be Happy Freebie Kit
Be Mine Kit
Bertie’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Bethlehem Christmas Chart
Better Not Pout Kit *
Birdhouse Roll Kit
Bloom Kit
Blackberie Sampler Kit
Bramble Hearth Chart *
Bulb MM Chart
Busy Kit
Buttoned Yule Chart
Buttons: Angel (3), Dancing Lamb, Moon (2), Santa, Sheep
Buzz Buzz Bee SE Kit
Charmed Heart Kit
Charms: Beehive, Bethlehem Inn (2), Folk Heart, Garden Girl, Horn, Leaping Lamb, Moon, Rosebud, Shepherd, Shepherd’s Crook, Standing Sheep, Star, Tulip, Wiseman Jar
Checkered Sheep Chart
Christian’s Snowman Kit
Christian’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Christmas Cheer Pin Cushion Kit
Christmas Drawers Kit *
Christmas Treat Bag Kit
Columbine Kit
Come Tarry Kit
Cornwall Sampler Kit
Costswold Sampler Kit
Cranberry Pinafore Kit
Dancing Lambs Chart/Button
Dartmoor Sampler Kit
Devon Hedge Chart
Earth Gatherer Kit/Mat
Easter Egg Roll Kit
Easter Parade Kit
Easter Treat Bag
Egg Kit
Egg Basket SE Kit
Elisabeth’s Stocking Charms
Emmanuel’s Song Kit
English Christmas Roll Kit
English Garden Chart
Evening Sampler Chart *
Fair Philomel’s Sampler Kit
Fa La La Kit *
Father Yule Chart
Fear Not Kit *
February YIS Chart/Button
Flag MM Chart
Folio 1, 2, 3, 4, 8
Folk Heart Roll Kit
Forget Me Not Kit
French Heart Kit
Fright Kit
Garden Gate Kit
Gentle Flock Chart
Girl & Goose SE Kids Kit
Gloria Kit
Grow Love Kit
Gypsy Heart Kit
Halloween Treat Bag Kit
Happy Day Roll Kit
Hark Kit
Harry’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Harvest Moon Kit *
Heart Blooms Kit
Heart Treat Bag Kit
Herb Gatherer Kit/Mat
Hive MM Chart
Hollyhock Hill Kit
Home Sweet Home Kit
Hunt Kit
January YIS Chart/Button
Jillian’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Jingle Kit
Joy Kit
Joyful Christmas Chart
July YIS Chart/Button
Lamb MM Chart
Liberty Child SE Kit *
Little Witch Kit/Mat *
Long May She Wave Roll Kit
Love Kit
Love MM Chart
Love Scissor Fob Kit
Mary’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Merry & Bright Kit (with mat)
Merry Souls Kit
Millennium Child SE Kit *
Millennium Sampler Kit
Mistress Mary SE Kit
Mother’s Hearts Kit/Mat
My Earth Kit
My Heart’s Garden Kit
My Garden Kit
Nantucket Roll Kit (class exclusive)
Oh Say Kit *
Old Glory Kit
Pansy Roll Kit
Pansy Walk Kit
Patriotic Thoughts Kit
Peace Kit
Peace For All Kit *
Peter’s Patch Kit
Peter’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Plaid Heart Kit
Primrose Kit
Pumpkin Stew Chart
Queen Bee Kit
Red Snowman Kit
Reed’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Rejoice Kit
Road To Bethlehem Kit
Robert’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Roma’s Garden Kit *
Sailor’s Collar Kit
Santa’s Christmas Chart
Santa’s Fill SE Kit
Santaberry Pudding Chart
School Needle Roll Kit
Sheep In The Meadow SE Kit
Shepherd’s Earth Chart *
Shepherd’s Eve Chart
Shepherd’s Hill Kit
Shepherd’s Purse Kit
Shepherd’s Roll Kit
Shepherd’s Scissor Fob
Shepherd’s Spring Kit *
Sheree’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Simple Egg Kit
Simple Threads Chart
Skelton School Sampler Kit
Snow Child Kit *
Snow Fall Roll Kit
Snow Folio Chart
Snow Hill Kit *
Snow MM Chart
Snow Patch Kit
Snow Treat Bag Kit
Snowy Morn Kit
Sophie’s Roses Kit */Mat
Spooky Spots Kit
Spring Chart/Buttons
Spring Folio Chart
Spring Scissor Fob Kit
St Peter’s Fair Kit
Stripes Kit
Summer Chart/Buttons
Summer Song Kit
Sunflower Summer Kit
Sweet Land SE Kit
Sweet Pea Kit
Thankful Sheep Kit *
The Orchard Mini Chart
The Potting Shed Kit
The Promise Kit
The Root Garden Mini Chart
The Stockings Kit
Thoughtful Heart Kit
Three Pale Eggs Kit
Tina’s Stocking Chart/Charms
Tiny Flag Kit
Toy Gatherer Chart
Toy Gatherer Kit/Mat
Trick Or Treat Kit
Victorian Sampler Kit (pink)
Vintage Tina: Evening's Children (Blueberry Tea), Flock Of Briar Root, Hedgerow Sampler, Merry And Bright, VAC A Grand Celebration, VAC A Linen Symphony, VAC A Pink Parfait, VAC A Shepherd’s Sampler, VAC Folk Tales, VAC In Times Past, VAC Lavender & Old Lace, VAC Lavender Tea, VAC Special Effects, VAC Weatherbee Farm
Violets Mini Chart
Wandering Vine Chart *
Water Woods Kit
Welcome Baby Roll Kit *
Winter Chart/Buttons
Winter Children Chart
Winter Dreams Kit
Winter Hearts Chart
Winter Moon Kit
Wintertide Sampler Kit
Wool Gatherer Kit/Mat
Wooly Winter Kit
Yuletide Sampler Kit

* Denotes completed

This is just my Shepherd's Bush stash too. I've got a whole lot of charts/fabric of other designers as well. Would you like to see the list of other charts I have? Course you do:

BETTER HOMES: Gathering Honey #22
BETTER HOMES: The Little Aviator #031625
BETTER HOMES: The Tea Party #029447
BLACKBIRD DESIGNS: Flea Market Souvenir
BLACKBIRD DESIGNS: Maggie’s Needlecase
BRIGHTNEEDLE: Nantucket Sampler #46

BRIGHTNEEDLE: Pretty In Pink #75
CHARLAND DESIGNS: Flower Swirls Emery kit
CHARTS COLOR: Reflections Of The Past #00904
CHARTS COLOR: Stopping In The Garden #00104
DEBBIE MUMM: Checkerboard ABC’s #6797
DEBBIE MUMM: Mini Mumms #261
DESIGN WORKS: Country Bloomers #9235
DIMENSIONS: Antique Carousel #233
DIMENSIONS: Baby Keepsakes #210
DIMENSIONS: Bygone Summer #102
DIMENSIONS: Country ABC’s #169
DIMENSIONS: Country Ark #219
DIMENSIONS: Country Pleasures #256
DIMENSIONS: Country Quickies #239
DIMENSIONS: Family Moments #103
DIMENSIONS: Home Sampler #162
DIMENSIONS: Morning Song #197
DIMENSIONS: Tender Care #101

FORGET-ME-NOTS: Picking Wildflowers #463
FORGET-ME-NOTS: School Days Sampler #465
GREEN APPLE CO: The Old Woman Who Lived In The Shoe #576 *
HEART IN HAND: Wee Garden Gate #Wee One
HOMESPUN ELEGANCE: A Christmas Sampler 11 #176
HOMESPUN ELEGANCE: Cinnamon Stick Christmas X1X ‘Rejoice In Peace’ #189
HOMESPUN ELEGANCE: Delivering Americana #CS-18
HOMESPUN ELEGANCE: Delivering Harvest/with embellishments #CS-22

HOMESPUN SAMPLER: Olde Shaker Tune #130
HOMESPUN ELEGANCE: Pointedly Stitched Ornaments 1 ‘Santa & Nativity’ #PS-01
JBW DESIGNS: Heart Song #17
LA D DA: Garden Angel *
LA D DA: Old Glory Angel
LAVENDER WINGS: Planted Hearts
LEISURE ARTS: A Little Girl’s Fancy #631
LEISURE ARTS: Bear Hugs #2065
LEISURE ARTS: Bookmark Collection #420
LEISURE ARTS: Let’s Pretend #680
LEISURE ARTS: Little Women #590
LEISURE ARTS: Make Believe #2317
LEISURE ARTS: The Seamstress #825
LINDA MYERS: Amish Quilt Show NS-08
LITTLE HOUSE OF NEEDLEWORKS: Americana Sampling Kit 2005 Limited Edition
LITTLE HOUSE OF NEEDLEWORKS: City Stitcher Country Stitcher #11
MIRABILIA: Garden Verses
MIRABILIA: Rose Celebration #23
PRAIRIE MOON: Cow Weathervane
PRAIRIE MOON: Gardenin’ Angel
SHEEPISH DESIGNS: H Is For House (Pillow 2)
SHEEPISH DESIGNS: S Is For Sheep (Pillow 4)
SOMETHING IN COMMON: Garden Stroll #047
STONEY CREEK: Sally’s Friend #19
THE ARTISTS COLLECTION: Monograms In Tapestry #AC-57
THE ARTISTS COLLECTION: The Twelve Days Of Christmas #ACT-7
THE CITY STITCHER: Weeping Tree Sampler #25
THE CITY STITCHER: Willow Trees Sampler
THE CROSS-EYED CRICKET: Friendship Tea #102
THE DRAWN THREAD: Random Thoughts (chartpack)
THE SCARLET THREAD: Collector’s Item 1
THE SCARLET THREAD: Collector’s Item V
THE VICTORIA SAMPLER: Butterfly Garden Sampler #28
TOLD IN A GARDEN: Amish Welcome #5
TOLD IN A GARDEN: Bird In Hand #16
TOLD IN A GARDEN: Home Of A Quilter #17
TOLD IN A GARDEN: Raspberry Homecoming #42
TOLD IN A GARDEN: Schoolhouse Sampler #25
TRUE COLORS: Baby’s Nap Time #BCL-10031
WITH MY NEEDLE: Cherished Workes
WITH MY NEEDLE: My Treasures Sewing Case

Who thinks I'll complete everything on my lists? Maybe in a few lifetimes. I think I'll be pushing it in this one. Still it's a hobby and I get a lot of enjoyment from it. You have to have some sort of vice in life, and this along with chocolate are mine.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a lovely Chirstmas with lots of yummy food, and heaps of delightful pressies. It's really nice to catch up with family on Christmas day, that's what I like the most. Everyone's life is far too busy these days and you don't get many chances to see how your dear ones are going.

Back to work tomorrow for a couple of days, then I have four days off. Good chance to get into the gardening and tidy up. Did some of that today, but there's still plenty more to do.

Looking forward to the Silver Needle's New Year sale ( to get some needlework bargains. They have it every year and if you're early enough, you can get up to 25% off everything. Needless to say I'm making my wish list. A few Shepherd's Bush kits will be included of course. Have to get Happy Haunting and Pumpkin Hill. Love these two. Life And Liberty also - have an affinity for Americana things. Speaking of Americana, I was going to get the Gingher 4" Glory scissors at this sale, but I think they've sold out. So I hunted on the net and found a place that still had them. They were a good price too, so I'm just waiting for them to arrive in the mail box. I am going to get the SB Glory fob to go with them. They'll look great together.

Just a short entry today, just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas and I hope 2008 brings all your dreams. Take care...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cats and holidays

I'm really not that good at this blog thing as I don't seem to update it very often. Perhaps that's because I'm still not stitching and haven't the urge to write anything.
My kitten Charlotte has grown up and she's nearly one year old now. She and my other cat Sophie are getting along well and becoming good friends. It's interesting to see the changing colours of her fur, as this is typical of Birman cats the older they get. How cute is she? She's changed a lot since the last photo I posted.

I'm planning an overseas trip for next September at the moment. Going away with my sister probably to the Cook Islands for about two weeks. A tropical relaxing holiday lying by the beach. We would have to go via Auckland NZ from Melbourne since there's no direct flights there. It's supposed to be popular with New Zealanders, like Fiji is to Australians. There's an island north of Rarotonga (the capital) called Aitutaki which looks like heaven. We'll probably stay five nights at two resorts on Rarotonga and five nights at Aitutaki. There's plenty to do: like day trips, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, walking, cycling and exploring the islands. September is the start of Spring here but still quite cool, so it will be lovely to go somewhere warmer. Still have to book the holiday and work out the finer details yet but hope to do that next month some time. This is a beach on the Cook Islands... and a picture of Aitutaki lagoon.

How gorgeous does it look? Makes you want to fly there now. This would have to be my favourite style of holiday. A warm tropical island. I've been to Hawaii for three weeks about sixteen years ago, but that's so much more fast pace than what this will be.

Still would love to get to the USA but I guess that will have to wait a bit longer.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A New Computer

Well, I've been without a computer for about a month! My old one wasn't doing what it was supposed to after I downloaded some software. I was thinking of upgrading my computer anyway and rather than spending money to get it fixed, I thought this was as good a time as any to get a new one. I've now got one that will do everything I want it to, including uploading my photos from my new digital camera, plus accommodating my hardware. It also came with a black 19" widescreen monitor. Love it!!! Here's a pic...

The two boxes underneath the desk are chock full of my Shepherd's Bush kits, charts, charms, etc. There's another two on the other side with more in as well! Speaking of SB I just love their new designs Pumpkin Hill, and Life And Liberty. Have those on my wish list. Let's see, what else is on my list to get... Am looking forward to Happy Haunting coming out. I love most of their bigger kits. Soft Spring, Wish, and Glory Fob kits are in my to have list too. I'm wanting to get the 4" Gingher Glory scissors that compliment Glory Fob. Another fave designer is Little House Needleworks and they have a chart out called The Sampler Lady which appeals to me. I'm just hoping one of the needlework shops I buy from has a sale on soon. The Aussie dollar is doing great at the moment, being over 80 cents to the American dollar. Adding a sale on top of that, and I could get them at a fantastic price. Still there's always the New Years sale at The Silver Needle in Tulsa which I've purchased items over the last couple of years. I was able to get two SB mats in their sale. One being the mat for Little Witch. This I had done a while ago and had it framed this year. I also had a mat for SB Beekeepers Cottage which I got from a craft show years ago, which looks very similar to the SB one. So I had that framed and LHN Garden Angel. The Garden Angel framed looks fantastic, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, as with all of them. I decided to go with a thick frame after seeing a picture from Chris Frew's photo album where she had stitched the same piece and framed her's in a similar one.

So I still haven't stitched anything since early in the year. Autumn Blessings is sitting there waiting for me. I guess that's why I'm not updating the blog very often because I don't have much progress to show. Still, if I'm not stitching, I'm buying or just keeping up to date with what new patterns are coming out. If I wasn't working full time I would have more time to stitch, but not as much money to buy, so I can't win either way. I don't know how some people with small children manage to get so much stitching done, as I see on other blogs I read. It truly amazes me.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Time to catch up

Hi again! Well, after my last post saying I would do a bit more stitching on Autumn Blessings, I'm sad to say I didn't get very much done. I started on some more and then Mum rang and said she and Dad would drop by for a visit. So I spent most of that afternoon chatting to them, which I don't mind. Here's my latest pic...

Not much different to the last one is it? I told you I didn't get much done. The current chart in the kit is a bit different to their original piece. The top of the pumpkin on the right has been altered, and I'm not 100% sure about the colour they've used for the wording. They call for dried pink roses, but to me it looks more purple in their picture. It's put me off a bit because I've had a certain look in mind and then when you stitch it, it comes out differently. I'm in two minds whether to change the colour of the writing. I'm not getting any stitching done lately anyway, so I have some time to think about that.

I also picked up my new kitten, Charlotte on Good Friday. She's been here for about two weeks now. She's doing well. Been wanting to play and jump all over my other cat Sophie (much to her disgust). Generally they seem to be getting along, and once Charlotte settles down a bit from her "kitten" stage, they'll become good friends.

Mum wanted me to put in an order for some needlework recently so I did so through They usually have a sale on for general supplies like thread, linen, and charts. To my dislike though, they won't include Shepherd's Bush kits in their sale ;-) but since they're always having some sort of sale on, I can't expect them to be included. So Mum wanted the Victoria Sampler leaflet/accessory pack L for Librarian, the two pewter bellpulls to go with it, Drawn Thread's Toccata #3 done up as a kit, a piece of Autumn Fields 32ct linen, and some perlee creme thread (she love's this in needlework).

At first I wasn't going to get anything myself, but after looking through their site a bit, there were a couple of things that caught my eye. I know I'm so weak. These were designs I had seen before and made a note to get in the future. Both Blackbird Designs with the first being Flea Market Souvenir chart (I'm getting it kitted up), and Maggie's Needlecase chart with the supplies to go with it. Just love getting stitching supplies in the mail!

Well, that's it for now. Thought I'd just check in with the latest.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Autumn Blessings

This is the project I'm working on. Since it's Autumn hear in Australia I thought I would do something with an Autumn theme. This darling piece is called Autumn Blessings by Shepherd's Bush. Done on a natural 32ct linen with yummy silk threads. I've spent a couple of sessions stitching this so far, and hope to do some more tomorrow. I have purchased the Jill Rensel mat for this one. Got it at during one of their New Year sales. They shipped it out to me and it arrived all in one piece thankfully.

Speaking of mats, I went to my local framer recently to have some things framed. They were all Shepherd's Bush - A Rosey Garden, Beekeeper's Cottage, and Little Witch. A Rosey Garden is small so I've been able to scan this one and placed a pic in my albums (finished and framed). The other two I have taken photos with my 35mm camera (don't have a digital one, though hopefully one day) and will post some pics when I get them developed. Nearly finished the roll of film. Little Witch has the Jill Rensel mat too, and I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out. I've chosen the same black frame I did A Rosey Garden with. I got a similar mat to the Jill Rensel one for Beekeeper's Cottage years ago at a craft show here, and this looks great too. I won't be able to frame everything I do, but I just adore the mats Shepherd's Bush get for their pieces. They really compliment their needlework.

I'm getting excited, because next Friday I pick up my new kitten Charlotte! She's a chocolate point Birman and turns 12 weeks on Monday. I'm sure she'll get along with my other Birman, Sophie. I've been to visit her a few times at the breeder's house whom I'm getting her from. Have taken some photos too. Of course she's a little cutie.
Been out in the garden today. Mowing the lawn and some weeding. It's good to see the before and after when you've worked in the garden. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Still, I have plenty more work to do out there - more weeding, pruning, etc. It's never really complete.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back again!!!

A new finish for 2007. This is my first for a while, I've been busy doing other things and letting my stitching take a back seat, which I'm quite disgusted with. So I thought to get back into it I would do something small. This size only takes a couple of afternoons to complete. It's a Shepherd's Bush (no I haven't got sick of them) shop exclusive design called Liberty Child. The mat comes with the kit and all you have to do is frame it.
Since I last posted I'm sad to say that I lost one of my birman cats. My youngest called Sasha who was only 2 1/2 years old. She caught a virus and it mutated into a fatal strain. Within three weeks of the first signs of symptoms, she was gone. She died during the night at home on 22nd October 2006. I was pretty devastated although I new it was coming (though not quite that soon) and miss her dearly.
I have gone through all the questions - do I get another, don't do anything, try another breed? The main thing is that I love birmans so much, they suit my personality and my lifestyle. I believe that if I were a cat I'd be a birman. They have an easy going nature and a gentle soul. So what have I decided to do? Get another one of course.
I have put a deposit on a female chocolate point birman kitten. I will be able to take her home just before Easter (early April). I've already picked a name - Charlotte.
I still have my six year old lilac point birman, Sophie. Charlotte will be a good companion for her when I'm at work. Here's the last photo taken of Sasha and Sophie together around July last year. Sasha's on the right.
Will post again when I have more updates. Bye for now...