Saturday, March 31, 2007

Autumn Blessings

This is the project I'm working on. Since it's Autumn hear in Australia I thought I would do something with an Autumn theme. This darling piece is called Autumn Blessings by Shepherd's Bush. Done on a natural 32ct linen with yummy silk threads. I've spent a couple of sessions stitching this so far, and hope to do some more tomorrow. I have purchased the Jill Rensel mat for this one. Got it at during one of their New Year sales. They shipped it out to me and it arrived all in one piece thankfully.

Speaking of mats, I went to my local framer recently to have some things framed. They were all Shepherd's Bush - A Rosey Garden, Beekeeper's Cottage, and Little Witch. A Rosey Garden is small so I've been able to scan this one and placed a pic in my albums (finished and framed). The other two I have taken photos with my 35mm camera (don't have a digital one, though hopefully one day) and will post some pics when I get them developed. Nearly finished the roll of film. Little Witch has the Jill Rensel mat too, and I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out. I've chosen the same black frame I did A Rosey Garden with. I got a similar mat to the Jill Rensel one for Beekeeper's Cottage years ago at a craft show here, and this looks great too. I won't be able to frame everything I do, but I just adore the mats Shepherd's Bush get for their pieces. They really compliment their needlework.

I'm getting excited, because next Friday I pick up my new kitten Charlotte! She's a chocolate point Birman and turns 12 weeks on Monday. I'm sure she'll get along with my other Birman, Sophie. I've been to visit her a few times at the breeder's house whom I'm getting her from. Have taken some photos too. Of course she's a little cutie.
Been out in the garden today. Mowing the lawn and some weeding. It's good to see the before and after when you've worked in the garden. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Still, I have plenty more work to do out there - more weeding, pruning, etc. It's never really complete.

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Your Autumn Blessings is looking great Jane!