Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back again!!!

A new finish for 2007. This is my first for a while, I've been busy doing other things and letting my stitching take a back seat, which I'm quite disgusted with. So I thought to get back into it I would do something small. This size only takes a couple of afternoons to complete. It's a Shepherd's Bush (no I haven't got sick of them) shop exclusive design called Liberty Child. The mat comes with the kit and all you have to do is frame it.
Since I last posted I'm sad to say that I lost one of my birman cats. My youngest called Sasha who was only 2 1/2 years old. She caught a virus and it mutated into a fatal strain. Within three weeks of the first signs of symptoms, she was gone. She died during the night at home on 22nd October 2006. I was pretty devastated although I new it was coming (though not quite that soon) and miss her dearly.
I have gone through all the questions - do I get another, don't do anything, try another breed? The main thing is that I love birmans so much, they suit my personality and my lifestyle. I believe that if I were a cat I'd be a birman. They have an easy going nature and a gentle soul. So what have I decided to do? Get another one of course.
I have put a deposit on a female chocolate point birman kitten. I will be able to take her home just before Easter (early April). I've already picked a name - Charlotte.
I still have my six year old lilac point birman, Sophie. Charlotte will be a good companion for her when I'm at work. Here's the last photo taken of Sasha and Sophie together around July last year. Sasha's on the right.
Will post again when I have more updates. Bye for now...

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