Friday, September 22, 2006

It's been a while...

Hi, I haven't written anything for a while, so I have to excuse myself for my laziness. The last time I stitched was in April, and this is a picture of the latest piece I'm working on. All I have to finish is the border and then I'm done. Sounds simple enough, but unless I pick up neelde and thread, nothing's getting finished. Over the Winter period here in Australia, I rarely get the enthusiasm to do my needlework. You'd think it would be the opposite, and I'd get a lot done during the colder weather, but I never feel inspired. I love stitching when the sun is out and the temperature is mild.
While I haven't been stitching I've been shopping. No I haven't been buying more needlework (although I'd like to), I've bought a few primitvie country looking pieces to decorate my house with. I've been paying off a cupboard which I found at a country shop. Just about ready to pick it up too. It's a burgandy candle cupboard originally from America I think. The shop I found it at usually imports a lot of items from the US.
I must curb my spending now though, because I want to save up and do an overseas trip. To the US of course. Only been to Hawaii before and not to the mainland, so I would dearly love to go. I'm interested in the West and East coast, so two trips may be the order. While there I would try to go to Ogden, Utah, and if you're a Shepherd's Bush fan you would know why. Yes, that's where the sisters have their shop. That would be a dream to see it. I'd stand outside with my mouth wide open not believing I'm there. Then once inside I would spend hours walking round and going over every little thing they have on offer. Hopefully the SB ladies would be there and I could meet them in person. A photo would have to be taken too. What a memory! So I must save and work out exactly where I want to go and for how long.
While I'm trying not to spend any money on needlework, I still have items that I want to add to my stash. SB's Autumn Blessings and Hunt kits, and I love the new stocking called Jillian. Whenever they use darker colours it always catches my eye. They use the softer tones so often (which I like) so it's nice to see a darker design now and then.
I can't log on to the SB bulletin board anymore. I haven't made a comment for quite some time, so I've been kicked off it. My own fault I guess. It's a shame because although I wasn't commenting I was still looking at the site at least once a week to see what was happening with everyone and find out any news. I don't like it when these boards get too exclusive. I might try and rejoin in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane....we'd love to see you back at the SB BB. We only went MBA because of some nasty on-line people. Why not save up your $$$ & come to the SB retreat in 2008? I'm currently saving like a mad woman.