Sunday, October 27, 2013

He Put A Ring On It!

Yes, I'm engaged!!!  Today, two weeks ago, at 46 years of age, I became engaged for the first time in my life.  I have finally found the man I'm going to marry.  We've been going out for nearly three years and I knew an engagement was coming, but I didn't know when.  So it was a surprise when the question was actually asked.

My engagement ring

My now fiance, took me away for the weekend to Daylesford in country Victoria.  We stayed at a very nice hotel overnight then went to a lovely restaurant for a Sunday lunch.  This is where the proposal took place. One the grounds, near a lake, at a place called The Lake House Restaurant.  A French inspired restaurant which is absolutely beautiful. Furnishings, atmosphere, and setting, all made it exquisite.   I would have to say it is the most gorgeous and one of the loveliest restaurants I have ever been to.  Having a special occasion to celebrate perhaps made it even more so, but it was still such a special place to be taken to.

Our room at Frangos & Frangos, Daylesford

The Lake House Restaurant in the distance

We had French champagne to start our lunch off (and to celebrate our engagement), an entree of assorted meats, then a delicious main meal which included kangaroo.  Soft cushions to rest against for the ladies when you sat down, were supplied.  The very best service I have come across in a restaurant, and just a delight to experience.

We don't plan to marry for a couple of years and are still tossing over ideas for the wedding.  It won't be a large nor formal occasion. Something more intimate and meaningful for both of us.  No date as yet either.

My stitching is still on hiatus but when I have more spare time in the future, I will pick that needle up again and put thread to fabric.

Just wanted to keep any of my followers who are still hanging in there and following my blog, up to date with what's happening in my life.  It's nice to share some good news I think.  Lots of happiness to all my readers, and thank you for dropping by.