Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cats and holidays

I'm really not that good at this blog thing as I don't seem to update it very often. Perhaps that's because I'm still not stitching and haven't the urge to write anything.
My kitten Charlotte has grown up and she's nearly one year old now. She and my other cat Sophie are getting along well and becoming good friends. It's interesting to see the changing colours of her fur, as this is typical of Birman cats the older they get. How cute is she? She's changed a lot since the last photo I posted.

I'm planning an overseas trip for next September at the moment. Going away with my sister probably to the Cook Islands for about two weeks. A tropical relaxing holiday lying by the beach. We would have to go via Auckland NZ from Melbourne since there's no direct flights there. It's supposed to be popular with New Zealanders, like Fiji is to Australians. There's an island north of Rarotonga (the capital) called Aitutaki which looks like heaven. We'll probably stay five nights at two resorts on Rarotonga and five nights at Aitutaki. There's plenty to do: like day trips, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, walking, cycling and exploring the islands. September is the start of Spring here but still quite cool, so it will be lovely to go somewhere warmer. Still have to book the holiday and work out the finer details yet but hope to do that next month some time. This is a beach on the Cook Islands... and a picture of Aitutaki lagoon.

How gorgeous does it look? Makes you want to fly there now. This would have to be my favourite style of holiday. A warm tropical island. I've been to Hawaii for three weeks about sixteen years ago, but that's so much more fast pace than what this will be.

Still would love to get to the USA but I guess that will have to wait a bit longer.

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