Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not much to go

Hopefully another stitching session and I should finish Green Snowman. The weather's turned sour here and hasn't been very good to do any gardening, so I thought I'd turn a negative into a positive and do some more stitching. He's looking a bit armless at the moment, but I'll soon take care of that.

Green Snowman - 29 Mar 2008


Anonymous said...

the weather turned sour but your stitchery will turn out great... I love the colour of the fabric you are using for it

Nicole said...

Oh I love it!! I may have to stitch this one next even though it's like summer in Florida!! :)

Chrissie said...

He is coming along nicely Jane.

Anonymous said...

Love it Jane. He's got an interesting look on his face, dontcha think? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your green snowman! Cathy UT directed me to your blog to see your photos of it! I definitely have to get that kit!

Can you tell me who sings the "This Love" song on your blog site? Thanks!