Friday, April 08, 2005

My Heart's Garden

I've just been looking at the SB BB and found out that SB have released a new kit called My Heart's Garden. I'm so liking this one with its whimsical look and gorgeous colours. They've included a piece of country creme linen with the kit, which will have a mottled look to it (just love the mottled, older looking linens).

I'm amazed how SB can keep coming up with lovely designs all the time. There is the odd one I'm not mad on, but overall I like them all. I guess that's why they're my favourite designer :-)

I'll be getting Come Tarry (retreat kit from September 2004) when it comes out around June, so My Heart's Garden will be added to my list. I get so much joy when they release something that I love. Pathetic, eh? I don't care, it's my passion.

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