Sunday, May 31, 2009

Progressing along

My Moonlit Garden is slowly taking shape. Just stars, moon, and words to work on now.

Moonlit Garden - 30 May 2009

I hope to get some more done today. I just have a little housework to do, then I'm into my stitching for the rest of the day.

In response to your comments about my lounge room... Tammy ~ I'm not sure whether it looks like it should be in a magazine, but you're very kind for saying. Thanks! Chrissie ~ I do work on my stitching in the lounge room. I sit in the sofa on the left of the picture, in the seat closest in shot. Now that I have the ottoman as well, I bring it over to the sofa and put my feet up while I'm stitching. How relaxing is that? Melissa ~ yes I know, there's lots of wall room for my needlework. I get a bit unsure as to what ones to put where, then I end up doing nothing about it. It's tragic I know. :) Prime real estate going to waste! Thanks to everyone else for commenting. I wanted to achieve that cosy feel and to create my little haven of peace. Just right for a stitcher. If only I could invite you all over for a cuppa.

Melissa also mentioned about my cats not being in the photo on the lounge or rug. It was quite funny when the rug went on the floor. They walked on it and couldn't wait to get off it! I think it felt unsteady for them. They're a bit more used to it now but they aren't to the stage where they want to lay or sleep on it. I do have a photo I took of the two of them on one of the sofas. They're lying on my new mohair throw. Gosh, do they live the life of luxury!

Sophie and Charlotte


Melissa said...

Ahh, that's more like it, the girls lounging on the sofa! Very cute.

Your Moonlit Garden is looking wonderful and it will shine even more when you get the stars and moon sparkling!

Chrissie said...

Oh my goodness, look at how those beautiful girls are perfectly co-ordinated to that chocolate throw!! How cute. Now if I let my Ben lie on my couch like that, there would be no room for me :)))
Your stitching is looking great Jane and yes, we all want to see it up on the wall in that room when it is framed.


Nataliya said...

I like your process very match! Warm, pleasant and quiet colours. But I would like more gentle colours in the summer. I prefer to embroider such samplers in the autumn and in the winter.

Your cats are magnificent! Earlier I had dogs. But now, when at us in the house has appeared small Musja, my heart belongs to cats. Independent character and at the same time - tenderness. The best - for them!

It would be desirable to tell much more, but I do many errors. It is a shame to me.

Dianne said...

Moonlit garden is looking more and more lovely! I'm the same way with my walls. I think that I'm so worried about getting it "perfect" that I end up doing nothing. Definitely I need to quit that!

Tammy said...

Your girls look so relaxed on your pretty sofa! MG is really pretty-I just love the autumn colors!

Jan said...

Lovely progress! And Sophie and Charlotte look ever so comfy!;)