Monday, April 14, 2008

Progress on MNW

I got some stitching done yesterday afternoon. In some ways I did more than I thought I would, and in others I did less, if you can work that one out. Still I'm plugging along and eventually I'll have another finish to write about. It's such a lovely design this one and I hope to do a lot more Little House Needlework pieces in the future.

LHN - My Needle's Work progress 13 April 2008

Since I've been back at work the past week I haven't had as much stitching time which I'm not too impressed with. Nor as much Internet time, but I'm still managing to get some of each in so that's the main thing. I long for the day that I'll retire (too far away now) and can while my days away stitching and gardening at my leisure.

This next photo I've taken to show part of my stitching at the back. People have told me that I'm quite neat at tying off my threads. I'll let you be the judge of that. My Mum on the other hand is unbelievable. She is so messy on the back of her work that I've laughed at it on the odd occasion (she doesn't take it to heart as we get along quite well and we can joke about these things).


Nicole said...

Jane, she's really coming along now! you'll be done in no time! Your back is beautiful! I could never make mine so neat!! :)

Anonymous said...

she's looking gorgeous! Not long now!