Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Snowy Morn

I did a little bit more work on Snowy Morn last night. Normally I don't feel like stitching at night time but lately I haven't minded it. I use my Ott-lite which is a great help.

SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Snowy Morn 26 April 2008

Snowy Morn with Putford scissors

The fabric which comes with the kit is 32ct Dirty Linen. I love the idea of Shepherd's Bush kits because they include everything needed, so you can complete the whole design without having to find fabric, buttons, and threads elsewhere. Plus their instructions are fairly easy to follow.

I'm looking forward to doing the border on this one. It looks interesting. Hope it's not too difficult! :)


Nicole said...

Wow, you are really stitching this one fast! It's so cute Jane! I love SB kits too!! :)

Anonymous said...

That's looking good so far Jane. Love the colours. It's very appropriate at the moment with our weather! ;)