Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Going backwards to go forwards

This is my progress on My Needle's Work if you'd call it that, as I seem to be going backwards. I've pulled out most of the vine apart from a leaf and the start of it down the bottom right. That's all I could salvage from my mistake of being one thread out. It took me nearly two hours to unpick it so I'm giving myself a break before I start to stitch some more on it now. I may do the border next - give me a frame to work within.

LHN My Needle's Work 2 April 2008

Thought I'd show you a picture of my youngest cat, Charlotte. I was on the computer this morning and she decided to sit on my knee. I ended up grabbing the camera (which was within arms length) and took a photo of her. Maybe not her most angelic look but I still think she's cute.

Charlotte sitting on my knee while I'm at the computer - 2 April 2008

I have to go to the shops tomorrow and get a pair of shoes for work I've had put aside for me, so while I'm out I may go and check out this needlework shop I went to years ago which has changed hands a couple of times since. I don't know whether I'll buy much because the shops out here don't carry a lot of things, plus I can usually get it cheaper ordering it from the US. I'd like to get some linen if they have anything interesting. We'll see how we go.


Nicole said...

Jane, I'm so sorry about the frogging! That's a good idea about the border. Good luck shopping! Hope you find something you like! :)

P.S. your kitty is very cute!

Chrissie said...

Don't you just hate that 'reverse stitching' Jane. I had the same annoying thing happen on the most simple thing I am working on. One thread out and it required a whole lot of unpicking. Most annoying!! Charlotte is beautiful.

Alison said...

I think you'll be happier when the stitching is re-done and everything is correct. I know I was after I'd gone through the frogging on Thread Gathering. Your kitty is she cross-eyed or is that just an optical illusion? My burmese is cross-eyed and she looks so cute when she does it!