Thursday, April 03, 2008

A day of shopping

What a full day I've had. First I went to try on the pair of shoes I had put aside for me. Big disappointment! They didn't fit, which is the usual case for me since I have small feet.

Oh well, on I went further towards Melbourne to East Malvern where The Needlepoint shop is. This shop used to be terrific. Not quite the same these days since it's changed owner. I asked the lady there if I could take some photos inside her shop to put on my blog, but she couldn't understand why I would want to, so I gave up on the idea (though I did take one of the outside). There wasn't much that grabbed me, as she didn't have a lot there but I did get a couple of things.

32ct Summer Khaki fabric, Fray Stop, and a wooden thread holder.

The Needlepoint shop

Next stop was down the road to Patchwork On Central Park to look at their fabrics. The last time I went there they had some beautiful fabrics, but again not much this time. Though I was able to pluck a few out that I liked.

Fabrics from Patchwork On Central Park

Then I thought I would go a bit further (about another half hour away) to a needlework shop called Lazy Daisy. Been here before also and remembered they had a bit more of a selection of linens than elsewhere. Another disappointment! They had some stock of which I got a few pieces of fabric, but there wasn't much in the way of other items. A lot of tapestry, which doesn't interest me.

Two pieces of felt, 32ct Permin Prairie Grain linen, 28ct Permin Sandstone linen, 30ct Semco no. 83 (green), 30ct linen (light tan), 35ct linen (rich creme/yellow), 32ct Latte linen, packet of Semco 30ct Natural linen, Anchor and DMC threads from Lazy Daisy

I spent most of the day out, but now I remember why I don't bother much with the needlework shops here. They're nothing like what you would see in the US. I can get more of a selection, at a better price shopping overseas. Plus there's not many shops around here these days. Think I'll just stick to the Internet :)
Just a short note about my last post regarding the picture of my cat Charlotte. Alison was wondering if she was cross eyed. I had a laugh at this. She isn't, but I guess because I took the picture so close as she was on my knee, it's made her look a bit that way (I think?). Or perhaps it's the dark reflection of me in her eyes that's making them look as though they're going inwards.
Tomorrow I may be going to the Flower and Garden Show, so my stitching is going to have to take a back seat for the moment. Can't stay home all the time and stitch, though as much as I would like to!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you found some treasures - I like the patchwork fabby. I used to feel the same way about Perth for needlework shopping, then I met my friend Janine (who owns an online needlework shop) and she gets in most of my needlework wishes. I still really wish that when I did my trip to the US in 1996 I had taken a list of shops to visit. I'm still heartbroken that I went to Utah and didn't visit Shepherds bush - what was I thinking!!

Nicole said...

Jane, I love everything you bought! The fabric is beautiful!

Cathy Lloyd said...

I guess I really don't realize how good we have it here in the US. I have 3 wonderful stitching shops within 1 hour of my house where I can shop to my heart's content. Maybe that's why my credit card is in meltdown?? Enjoy your purchases, they are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Nice fabbie Jane. Such a pity about the needlework store. Melbourne seems to be a bit lacking in that regard although Sydney is hardly much better. I think I've worked out why Charlotte looks cross-eyed. It's your reflection in her eyes!! I've posted a pic of Pickle, my cat, for you on my blog. No cross-eyes though. :)