Thursday, April 24, 2008

Attic Needlework

Another little packet arrived in the mail today. How lovely it was wrapped too.

It had the LHN Attic Needlework kit inside that I ordered from Attic Needlework in Arizona a few weeks back. Comes with the chart and Belle Soie silk threads. Once I find out that a designer I like has done an exclusive kit I seem to go on a mission to find out how I can get one. This is the second shop exclusive I have from LHN, with the other being The Busy Needle.

LHN - Attic Needlework kit (shop exclusive from Attic Needlework, Arizona, US)

My next project I have already completed. I stitched it last night as I was in the mood to get it done. Will take some photos tomorrow when there's better light and I'll post them up then. Stay tuned...


Nicole said...

What a cute kit! I didn't realize it was kitted with Belle Soie! Looks yummy! :)

Carin said...

I contacted Attic Needlework and they still have this kit. I recieved mine last week !!