Saturday, April 05, 2008

Flower And Garden Show

What a day I had yesterday. Left home about 9:45am and didn't get back until 10:30pm! Ended up going to the Melbourne Flower And Garden Show with my sister. Hadn't been to it before so it was really great to see. There were a lot of people wanting to sell their garden products. The main thing I wanted to look at were the garden displays. We must have walked everywhere else but couldn't find them until the last section we went to.

Some great ideas there that you would like in your own place, but would cost a lot of money too. What idea we both liked from the whole day was the display of synthetic grass funnily enough. Hate having to mow the lawn so to change it over to synthetic grass would be really low maintenance and tidy looking. Again it's not cheap to install.

Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton where Flower & Garden Show was held


We left the garden show a bit after 5pm, then walked to the main shopping area of Melbourne, to the Bourke Street Mall. Still looking for shoes you see. Went to a few shops but didn't have any luck. Had some tea at the food court in the Crown Casino complex then walked back to where we had parked our car for the drive home. My legs are sore today. I've moved muscles that haven't been moved in a while.

I've put a few photos of the show in my Picasa photo album if you want to have a look at the garden displays.

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