Friday, January 11, 2008

SB 2008 Fob

I see Shepherd's Bush have posted a pic of the 2008 fob/scissors on their site. The colours caught my eye at first, then I had another look at it and I wasn't quite sure, but after another look I think it's a nice change in colour from their usual designs. I'm yet to decide 100% whether I'll get this (most probably I will, knowing me) but I don't have to make a decision straight away.

It's just so lovely to see something new from them. I always enjoy seeing the different things they bring out. I must admit to liking Tina's designs especially. She puts a lot more detail into them, and to me are the epitome of what Shepherd's Bush are about (especially the Gatherers). I do like some of Teri's designs as well, but they are a more simple style.

Sounds as though Tina's in the midst of creating some new things with ideas popping out of her head for upcoming designs, after reading her update on the Bush Blog for January 8Th - All I can think of is 'more stash' when I hear of new things coming out.

I'm probably going to go to the movies this weekend. Think I'll see PS I Love You. Romantic comedies are by far my favourite movie. The other one I'm interested in is 27 Dresses, that looks good. The best movie I've seen later last year was No Reservations with Catherine Zeta-Jones. What a great film! Loved it. There was no violence, sex, or swearing, just an enjoyable movie with all the emotions. It was happy, sad, romantic, but I must admit I did need a tissue or two. If you haven't seen it, do grab a copy on DVD. Aaron Eckhart was a bit of a dish in it too!

Will let you know what I think of the movie next week...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane....thanks for commenting on my blog. It's great to see you posting and blogging. Love reading about your kitties and stitching.