Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Charlotte turns one!

Today is my youngest cat's first birthday. Celebrations all round is happening tonight, with a pussy party going on. The little treasure has no idea she's come of age (well, the first year is a milestone), and all I'm hoping is that she'll have many more to come.

She's only got one sister, Kara, who went to sunny Queensland as a show cat. Charlotte's markings weren't as good as Kara's, so since all I wanted was a pet, Charlotte was able to come and live with me.

There were five in her litter originally. It was a complicated birth for mother, and the breeder was sound asleep since it was night time, unaware what was happening. Three of them ended up not making it, but Charlotte and Kara were survivors.

Here's Charlotte taken today on her first birthday...

As you can see, it was a slow start getting out of bed!

But once out of bed and breakfast was had, it was time to relax in the cat house.

Then she had to watch Mum getting ready for work.

What a busy day for a one year old.

Happy birthday Charlotte!

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