Sunday, January 27, 2008

Picasa photo album

I'm starting to move all my photos over to Picasa at the moment. Boy is it a big job. Since I've got plenty of time I thought I would start now and do it a bit at a time. For those of you who want to take a peek at my progress the link is: My Picasa Album. The main thing I don't like about their albums is you can't keep track of the traffic you're getting, so you don't know how many people are looking at your albums. Apart from that, it's quick and easy to upload your pics, and I like how you can put a picture on the front of each album. You can also link other people's Picasa albums on your front page, so since Nicole (Nevillen) has a Picasa album, I've put a link to hers.

I was surfing the net yesterday to see what other free album host sites there were on offer. One that caught my eye was My Photo Album. They've got different album themes, layout options, covers and photo frames, unlimited albums, and a profile page about yourself. Sounds great, but the catch is their free offer means you have to purchase at least one item over a year (prints, etc.) or if you don't want to do this, you can sign up as a Club member and get even more features, but it will cost you $US20 per year. Let me say I'll just think about that for a while. We'll give Picasa a go first.

I'd love to have an album where you can be a bit creative though.


Anonymous said...

Jane, I am another who has an Epson album and understand your frustration. I am not certain what one to change to but need it to be user friendly which was what I liked about Epson. It was easy to find your way around. Good luck with your changeover :)

Jane said...

Thanks Chrissie for your comment. Picasa is user friendly, but their pictures aren't as big when you enlarge them. Let me know how you go with your choice.