Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've made a start!

Yes, albeit small, I've started on The Rain Fell. I didn't stitch for long last night but managed to get the scrolling done on the bottom of the design. The fabric I'm using is the recommended Americana Blend, but mine is 32ct instead of 30ct which was used in the chart model.

The Rain Fell - 22 June 2009

Since there's not much to show on my WIP, I thought I would show you a couple of photos I took of my furbabies, Sophie and Charlotte. I just love them both to bits!

Sophie - 16 May 2009

Charlotte - 23 May 2009

I was too tired to stitch tonight, but hopefully I'll get some more done during the rest of the week. Keep stitching!


Cari said...

Hi Jane! I am so glad you visited my blog. I love this pattern by LHN (of course, I love all her patterns). It's on my wish list to stitch in the future.

Your cats are so beautiful. Cats are just the best pets - a girl's best friend! I have one cat, Smokie, and she is just so sweet and loving.

Lynn D said...

Your cats are lovely. They both have such beautiful eyes.

I ordered the fabric for The Rain Fell and hope to stitch it this year. It is a lovely piece.

I read your blog regularly but haven't commented before. I enjoy your blog very much. It is my favorite XS blog.


Jurga said...

Beautiful start! And your cats are just breathtaking, so elegant and lovely girls! :)

Jennifer said...

Your cats are soooooo pretty!


zetor said...

That will be a lovely design I'm sure. And those cats are purrfect, I love them !!!

bea de caracas said...

A nice start!
It's that I do prefer...to start a new stitchwork!
Kind regards, dear Jane...

Jan said...

Jane, those babies of yours are so beautiful! I can see why they are so loved.

Love your new start, it will be a fantastic one!

Nataliya said...

Ооооhhh, lovely girls! Charming! They very much are pleasant to me, especially Charlotte.
I hope, you will have time to continue an embroidery this week!

Cathy Lloyd said...

Good start Jane! I really hate it when I'm too tired at night to stitch...I keep going and then finally have to put it down when the frog comes! ARGH!!!

Chrissie said...

Look at those two posing for the camera. Like two fluffy models !!! They are beautiful Jane.


katica said...

Great start! This is one of my many favourite LHN patterns.

Your kitties are absolutely beautiful!

Melissa said...

The girls are looking very 'cool'. Love those blue eyes. They are beauties!

Анна - Зонт said...

Beautiful choice! And wonderful start.
I am in love with LHN designes!
Good luck!

Deb said...

Great start - that's a wonderful design. And your cats are so precious!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Sweet lovey cats! Your new start is pretty, too. This LHN is one of my favorites.