Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things don't always go according to plan...

Well, yes I did do a little more of QG tonight but not very much. Here's what happened...

I started stitching then half an hour later thought I'd better phone Mum to ask her how her day went. You see, she had a lady visit her today whom she's never met before, to have a look at all her needlework. It's someone I've met at work who stitches also and I suggested she go round and look at what Mum's done. They both had a lovely day and the lady admired what Mum had to show her. She was particularly interested in the Shepherd's Bush designs and Come Tarry was a favourite since she hadn't seen it stitched up before.

So I finished speaking to Mum, then I did a bit more stitching and the phone rings. No, it wasn't Mum again, it was one of my sisters to have a chat.

After speaking to her for a short while I picked up my stitching again. Before my sister had phoned I suddenly realised that I'm one or two stitches out on QG! I'm talking to her and at the same time trying to work out where the mistake is. I know I've done something wrong, but for the life of me I can't work out how. I could probably fudge it and get away with it, then again it's going to bug me where I've gone wrong. I've looked over and over it. I discovered it wasn't right when doing the left border part. The letters are too close and I've had to do a couple extra crosses with the two vertical lines.

So after all that I didn't achieve much progress.

Quaker Garden - 11 June 2008

Just when I was enjoying this one too. Not to worry I'll figure it out.

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Nicole said...

Oh Jane I'm so sorry! I did the same thing on The Rain Fell. And I too could have fudged it, but I ripped it all out. We are too much alike - LOL! :) It's looking beautiful by the way!