Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another blog and a little stitch

Since I'm getting a reputation as a 'stash queen' I've decided to create another blog with a list of all my stash. I've done separate entries for my favourite designers: Shepherd's Bush, LHN, CCN, and Blackbird Designs. Then I've made another list of all the other designers I have. Don't worry so much about the blog heading. It's supposed to be called Miss Jane's Stash, but I can't replace the name without taking away the top part of the blog (including the buttons - which I like - and background colour). I'll be updating it whenever I buy any stash. There's also a permanent link for it under my 'links' heading in my sidebar.

I also worked a little on QG last night. Didn't get much done (as per normal) but I'm happy whenever I get something done. This design is different to what I have stitched in the past, so it will an enjoyable one for me to do.

Quaker Garden - 2 June 2008

That's it for now - chat again with you later.

Edited to add:

Thanks to Nicole for helping me out with my stash blog heading. You're a gem!

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Chrissie said...

Yes, you certainly are the 'Stash Queen' Jane. That is some stash inventory you have there. Great idea to know exactaly what you have on hand. Big job putting it all together though.