Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back on track and a little stash

Yay! I was able to get some more done on QG last night. Made sure I checked and checked again as I went along. No mistakes!:) I can't sing high enough praises on this one. I just love the design so much.

BBD Quaker Garden - 13 June 2008

Some fabric arrived in the mail yesterday too. It was part of an order I did a while ago with Handcrafts Online. I've been getting it bit by bit as they get the stock in. This fabric is a 40ct which I haven't had before. I've got it for the Blackbird Designs pattern from the Thank You Sarah Tobias book called Sarah Tobias. This is the main design on the front cover. Whether I keep it for it or decide to do another pattern with the fabric remains to be seen. Whatever I do, it will be a challenge using this count of fabric. I think I'll have to stitch on it during the Summer months when the light is better.

Included with my packet was a skein of thread which I hadn't ordered. This was a thank you gift for waiting so long to get the items I'd ordered. What a lovely surprise! I'm sure it will come in very handy. I also have a couple more pieces of fabric to come from this same order, both in R & R Antique Cotton.

40ct R & R Light Espresso and Carrie's Creation floss in Multi Grain

How delightful needlework is. I'm so glad I found it as my hobby!

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