Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday stitching

Still working on Quaker Garden and yesterday I was able to get some more done. Am I loving it still? Yes, I certainly am. It's an easy one to do, though you wouldn't think perhaps with the mistakes I'm making with it :). Found another little one which was rectified easily. I'll let you see if you can notice it. You'll need to look at my previous pics to compare though.

Quaker Garden - 22 June 2008

Not really sure how long it's going to take to complete this design. I'm very tempted to start on CCN Little Ballerinas but will still hold off for now.


Aussie Stitcher said...

QC is looking great Jane. Well done.

Nicole said...

It's looking great Jane!!

Chrissie said...

I couldn't find your mistake Jane. It is looking good and glad you are enjoying it so much. It is rather nice when you can stitch an individual little block like that and get a small section finished in a sitting. That way it doesn't become tedious.