Sunday, June 15, 2008

A new look and new LHN

I've finally taken the plunge and changed the template of my blog. It's the same as my stash blog as I quite liked the look of it. Hope you enjoy the change too.

Now to some needlework talk. Little House Needleworks have released a couple of new charts that I've fallen in love with. Will definitely get these in the future - they are a must have.

LHN - Little House Neighbourhood

LHN - Yesteryear

No stitching since Friday I'm afraid. Had a busy weekend looking for birthday presents for family members. Two days over the weekend is not enough time to get everything done (especially if one wants to stitch also!). Hopefully I'll get a little more done on QG during the week nights.


Aussie Stitcher said...

Those new designs are gorgeous. QG is looking great, glad that you were able to find the mistake, drat those frogs!!

Anne said...

these two new LHN designs are so beautiful!!! it's the first time that I leave a comment on your blog but I love to read it!

Dovilė said...

I see you like LHN design as I am, thank you for visited my blog and yours is nice and interesting :)