Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I've got the stitching bug!

I sat down tonight and worked some more on QG. This is such a delight to do and I'm liking the way there's little pictures within the whole design. Keeps the interest going - not that I've done enough to get bored with it yet.

Quaker Garden - 4 June 2008

I'm really happy with the fabric and thread colours too. They go so well together.

Last year I did hardly any stitching and wasn't in the mood for it really. This year though, and I think updating my blog more regularly and looking at other blogs has helped, I've got the stitching bug back and enjoying it so much. It's such a wonderful past time.

Thanks to everyone that has a stitching blog, because you are such an inspiration to all of us out there and an encouragement to get out our needles and stitch away.


Chrissie said...

We don't normally say we are pleased when anyone has a bug but so pleased you have got the stitching bug back Jane. I love that little cream flower you have just stitched. I agree with you that the words of encouragement and friendships made through blogs and the internet is a great thing. Happy Stitching!

Nicole said...

It's looking great Jane! I love this design! :)