Sunday, October 18, 2009

A start on Baby Bug Ball

The weekend's been pretty drab here so I've taken the opportunity to start on Baby Bug Ball.

Shepherd's Bush - Baby Bug Ball start

While I started on one of the Pudgies last night, I realised I had stitched the wrong colour for part of her outfit. I did the combination of dark and light blue when it should have been pale green and light blue. Don't know how that came about - not concentrating properly I'd guess. Fortunately there wasn't much there to rip out, so I ended up doing it in the charted green.

The thread used for the bottom Satin Stitch is from Threadgatherer called Meadow Grass.

Well, I might stitch a little more on it today. Try and get more of this Pudgie girl finished.


Theresa said...

Wow~~ This thread is so pretty~~~~ Love those colors!!!

Brigitte said...

Whata nice new start. The colours of theis piece are so beautiful again.
I also loved your Boo finish.

Jo said...

It's a lovely design and the colours are beautiful. I'm looking forward to watching you stitch this.

Nataliya said...

Oh, what a beautiful silk! The fine beginning, Jane!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Wow...beautiful silk threads, and the are a beautiful stitcher.

I just love to read your have such a lovely blog.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Linda K

Loraine said...

Can I stitch along with you? I've started this, and put it away for several years. I was just considering pulling it out, because I want the frames for something else I want to start.
Your stitching is wonderful as always, and also your pictures! I love them. You did an amazing job!

Dee said...

Your satin stitch is PERFECT. It is beautiful!

This is going to be so cute when it is done!

bianca said...

Very nice work. I like the design from Shepard´s bush.
Greatings from germany

Tommye said...

Hey, it happens to all of us. It's beautiful.


Deb said...

Great start on this. Sorry about having to frog out. I did this piece last year, and it was so much fun to work on. Can't wait to see more of yours and your beautiful pictures.

ness said...

It is a very beautiful beginning!

kiss from france !

Danielle said...

Great start! The satin stitch looks great.

marylin said...

Hello, oh there there the result(profit) is super beautiful I like colors it is too attractive of the blow I wanted to make one also I am making that for Halloween but not still finished I have just put on my blog a modele of Lynette anderson which I liked a lot making!!!!
Bientot and big kisses best regards marylin

Irma said...

Ohhh!!! Such a pretty start Jane. I love the zigzag stitch at the bottom.