Friday, October 30, 2009

A Baby Bug

I managed to complete one of the Bugs the other night on BBB. This one's on the left side.

Baby Bug Ball - 28 October 2009

I've tried to interpret what the instructions say, and have done her wings using a half cross. This will also be done with the middle boy bug. The bug on the right will have her wings in full crosses. I have seen a number of people's finishes of this one with variations of either full or half cross (mainly full though). It wouldn't matter which way you did the wings really. Both styles would look just as nice.

Wings done in half cross

I have a stitching/blogging friend Loraine (from Utah, USA), who's also working on this design with me. We're trying to encourage each other with our progress. I haven't stitched anything with someone else before, so I'm quite looking forward to see how it goes. With each others support, we will complete this gorgeous design together. Thanks Loraine for joining in with me and I hope we have some fun on this one! Please drop by her wonderful blog called Sew Be It! and help her with her journey on Baby Bug Ball.

Before I go, I just wanted to mention that I received my order of new stash from Needlecraft Corner today! A few charts, fabric and threads. Just what the doctor ordered for my stitching obsession! I'll take some pictures tomorrow and show you what I got.


El taller de Loli said...

Lovely work, hav you stitched one x one ?

Jane said...

Loli, this one's one thread over two.

Cari said...

What fun to have a stitch-a-long! I just discovered Lorraine's blog recently - she is so talented!

Jan said...

This is looking so lovely, Jane! Glad that Loraine is joining you, will be fun.

Isadarena said...

Jane, your baby bug is really cute :-))

Loraine said...

What a fabulous post, Jane! I am really loving this little stitching project. It is so much more fun knowing that you are working on it too! I started stitching the wings on the middle bug with full cross-stitches. Then I happened to read the note under the cross-stitch section about the half-crosses, and had to unpick a little. It wasn't much, and they look much better with the half crosses. It sort of has a "lacey" look.
Your pictures are so great! However did you develop such wonderful photography skills? I love how you can make a collage of all the photos. It is so visually appealing!
Thanks for linking me on your blog. I have had several visitors from it.
Have a Happy Halloween! (Do you celebrate that Down Under?)
Take Care and many hugs.
I'll post my progress this weekend.

Melissa said...

BBB is looking wonderful. And the photos as usual are inspiring!

It's so nice you have Loraine to stitch with. She's a very talented stitcher too and nice to boot! Have fun!

ps just saw the last post re SN group kit - it's cute. Will you stay on it for next year?

Nina said...

I love to see your photos all time, Jane. Wonderful pictures, wonderful progress!

Susan said...

I love most Shepherd's Bush designs, and this one is no different - it's coming along beautifully.

Katrina said...

Very pretty! Baby Bug Ball is one of my favorite pieces by Shepherd's Bush.