Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This is Mum's too

Here's another of Mum's finishes. She did this a while ago and has chosen her own thread colours. It's a Prairie Moon design called Gardenin' Angel.

Prairie Moon - Gardenin' Angel
Fabric - 32ct Creek Bed Brown
Threads - own choice
Framed by Dad
Stitched by Mum

Dad has handmade the frame while Mum did the stretching.

This pattern I have in my stash, which comes with the tin pieces. I have been wanting to do this for ages but cannot decide on the threads to use. Some of the colours it calls for don't appeal to me, so I want to change to something else. I love the threads Mum has chosen, but she can't remember which ones she used. Oh well, I'll get round to doing this some day.


Loreta said...

This garden angel is wonderful! Colors are amazing! I would like to have one:)
Your Mum is beautiful stitcher Jane!

Tanja said...

You and your mum are amazing stitchers, I so enjoy looking at your work!


Dovilė said...

Gardenin'Angel is very stylish and cool :)