Friday, August 08, 2008

I love this design!

This one I came across on Loreta's blog. She's stitching it herself and I think it looks angelic and very pretty. I've really fallen in love with it and I will definitely have to get it on a future stash order. It's a Mirabilia design called Ring Around The Rose Tree. It was released in 2004, so it's not a new one. I love the colours and the happiness it brings.

Mirabilia - Ring Around The Rose Tree

I usually shy away from designs with a lot of shading in them. I haven't attempted to do another one since I stitched a Stoney Creek design called Sally's Friend back in my early days of stitching. This one took me years to complete! Some of the colour differences are so slight that you end up going crossed-eyed trying to tell them apart.

This one, like most of Mirabilia's patterns, has shading which makes me hesitant. I have two of their charts in my stash (Garden Verses and Rose Celebration) and as yet haven't attempted to do them for this very reason. This one though I would like to stitch in the future.


Ginnie said...

I agree that is a pretty design, I hope you give it a go.

Anne said...

I also fell in love with this design as I saw it on Loreta's blog, what about making a Sal in the future? it's a good way to keep the motivation and to finish a big project!!!

Jane said...

Anne, a SAL could be a possibility for a future project. I can be a bit erratic with my stitching, so if I have someone else working on the same design, that will probably be an encouragement. May not start it until October though. Keep in touch.

Anyone else interested in joining us would be welcomed.

Loreta said...

When I saw "Ring..." first time I felt in love with it. Pity it takes much more time to finish it than I thought. I like Mirabilia's "Under the Friendship Tree" and Christmas Eve Couriers too. Do you like them?

Jane said...

Loreta, Under The Friendship Tree is a sweet design. Not as interested in Christmas Eve Couriers though. There's probably only a few Mirabilia patterns that I like out of their releases.

Dovilė said...

I agree with you, Ring Around The Rose Tree is the perfect design, and with pleasant looking forward your start Jane and your finish Loreta :)