Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another finish for Mum!

I dropped into Mum's and Dad's yesterday since I haven't visited them for a few weeks. Mum and I caught up on what we've been stitching lately. I showed her Little Ballerinas, which I've done for my niece, and she loved it.

She had been working on and has now finished Lizzie Kate's Double Flip series Living With Charm. She's stitched all words together in the one piece going downwards. The fabric she used is from the Stitches And Spice range. It's a hand dyed evenweave called Celtic which is the palest pink tone with metallic speckles going through it. She asked me my opinion on how to finish it off. I suggested turning it into a bell pull. I think it would really suit this design. It becomes so costly to frame everything, so it's good to alternate a few options. Here's her finished piece, but you'll have to excuse the creases as it hasn't been ironed.

LIZZIE KATE - Living With Charm
Stitched by Mum and finished July 2008


Aussie Stitcher said...

Your Mum did a wonderful job with the LK Living with charm. Your QG is looking great.

Melissa said...

Your Mum did a wonderful job. How will she be finishing it? That's my dilemma with that piece. It's so long. Congrats to your Mum on the finish.

Loreta said...

Great finish!

Alison said...

Your mum does great work Jane! I agree with the finishing...a bellpull would be great & so much cheaper than framing. One of my long skinny framing jobs cost me exactly the same amount as Come Tarry with it's 3 mats!!!!

Chrissie said...

Your mum is a beautiful stitcher Jane. Is that where you got your love of stitching from? Lovely words in this piece.