Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A bare tree

The tree has no leaves, but it's Winter time here so I guess that's not surprising :)

CCN The Tea Room - 20 August 2008


Ginnie said...

This is looking lovely. I like the way you take your photos they always look so professional!

Nicole said...

Beautiful Jane!! You are almost done! :)

Dovilė said...

Great looking, Jane. It,s going to be a spring :) for your tree ;D

Chrissie said...

Great progress Jane but you will need to get those leaves on fast as it is almost spring :)

Yuko said...

Jane, long time no "see"!
Sorry that I couldn't come over here to look through your works for a long time...
Your Tea Time is looking so lovely!
Even though there are no leaves, it's very sweet and your stitching is very beautiful as always!
This makes me want to stitchi this design very much!!