Friday, August 15, 2008

Stitching at night

Lately I've been doing a lot more needlework of a night time. This is not like me as I like to use the daylight to be able to see better. I find you can't beat the day time for stitching. Since I don't get many chances to stitch during the day, as I work full time, I've been taking the opportunity and getting a bit done at night. Having a bright light to work with helps too. Of course it all depends on what you're working on. Some patterns aren't as easy to see even with proper lighting, and if you're working on a 40ct fabric - well, just forget it! Day time for that one.

My progress on The Tea Room has been going well. Especially when I've only started this one last Saturday. It's such a sweet design - I'm loving it!

CCN The Tea Room - 15 August 2008

This is my latest scanned image of where I'm up to after working on it tonight. Other progress pics can be found in my WIPS album. Thanks for looking!


Valerie said...

I agree about daytime stitching being the best! Unfortunately the full-time job gets in the way of it.

Tea Room is so pretty! You are just flying through it. The needle must just be a silver blur!

Loreta said...

Great progres,Jane!

Debs said...

Oh, my, Jane, first Nicole and now you, with the CCN pieces. I've got to get Tea Room and Needlework Shop done. They are both so cute. Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog. I'm thinking that Tea Room needs to be my next start! How you all tempt me into starting projects. Keep up the great work.

Chrissie said...

Great progress Jane. Yes, a good light is a must. I need a magnifier to stitch with as well but am hopeful with the new glasses I am about to get, I won't need it anymore. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too :)