Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just the tree to do

I worked some more last night on The Tea Room and I'm now down to the tree to finish it off. I think this one will go down as a favourite of mine. The fact that I've stitched on it most nights this past week means that I'm enjoying it so much. I just love the look, the colours, and the simplicity of it. It's been such a pleasure to do.

Again, I've taken these photos in the morning light. By the afternoon it's faded and starts to dull over with the Winter skies.

CCN - The Tea Room 16 August 2008


cathymk said...

It's looking very pretty!

Anne said...

The tea room is beautiful, I really like your fabric, can't wait to see it finish!

Manuela said...

WOW, your tea room is wonderful ... i'm writing from italy and my english is not so good. Bye