Monday, February 02, 2009

Hot Chocolat

The steam is rising from my cup of hot Chocolat.
Chocolat - 2 February 2009

Thanks for all your comments about the Stacy Nash Group (and my other stitching). I didn't put a link up about it because I don't know whether they're accepting any further enquiries from people who still want to join. They got more than their usual amount of up to 100. Jeanne from Country Sampler in Wisconsin is handling the group, for those with curious minds and want to investigate further. Be warned though, it may be too late to join. Good luck!


Akila said...

The little dancers look great. I read your older posts where they were in the making. Have turned out great really. And yes, am sure your niece will appreciate them and your affection more than that, when she grows.
The chocolat looks yummy :)

Tammy said...

Those colors are SO pretty!! And it's looking great!

Kit said...

Congrats on getting in on the SNG under the wire, and I like your steaming cup of coffee (I can't help but see it as coffee!).

Melissa said...

That hot Chocolat is looking yummy!