Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday flowers and stash

Hi all! It was my birthday this week and I just wanted to show you these lovely flowers my sister gave to me. She showed up at my work on my birthday to drop them off, it was such a surprise. I absolutely adore Gerberas, they're one of my favourite cut flowers. I think they're a very happy looking flower. What a gorgeous colour these ones are too!

A bunch of Gerberas from my sister for my birthday.

I've been out for tea last night and tonight. Last night was with my other sister (the one I went to the Cook Islands with), and tonight was with a few of my work mates. I enjoyed both nights, although I admit I had a bit more wine to drink tonight. I'm feeling quite relaxed right now. I think I had one, two, or was that three glasses?

Now, onto some more stash. I can never buy one or two things when I do an order. So here's some more of what I got from The Silver Needle. All things are from my three favourite designers - Shepherd's Bush, CCN, and LHN.

Shepherd's Bush - Tending The Blooms, Keeping The Bees, Jolly Old Elf, and Bees kits

CCN - Bumblebee, and Ladybug threadpacks
LHN - Baking, Reading, and Gardening threadpacks

I want to try to start this next project I mentioned in my last post, over the weekend. Melissa, you seem to be on the right track. Yes, it is a French designer. Well done for guessing! I'll take some photos tomorrow in the better light and give you some more details. I've chosen one of my Silkweaver fabrics to do it on also. Don't forget to catch my next update for more information. Bye for now!


Susan said...

Happy birthday, Jane. Those flowers are gorgeous!

Wow - love your stash - they are my 3 favorite designers, too!

Brigitte said...

You ordered some very nice stash for your birthday. So much to play with. Happy Birthday!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday!! The flowers are gorgeous!! I just love the color - so cheerful and bright!

I love your new stash, too. I love Shepherd's Bush. They always seem kind of pricey when they come with the mats, yet the mats are so lovely! I wonder how hard it is to paint on mats and what the best type of paint would me. I might have to experiment with that! Happy stitching!

tender rose said...

Happy Birthday, Jane. You touched my heart with your stitching

Melissa said...

Belated happy birthday, Jane! Didn't I say you were the Stash Queen? Looking forward to seeing your next photos.

Chrissie said...

Happy Birthday Jane and looking forward to seeing your new start. The flowers are gorgeous.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Happy Birthday, Jane! Your flowers are gorgeous! I love your new stash - Can't wait to see your finishes. love your blog!


Theresa said...

Happy birthday!!!! Those flowers are beautiful!!!!!
I love your stash as well!!! Those are some very exciting projects!!!!

Dovilė said...

Happy Birthday Jane, best wishes:)

Lei B. said...

I am late in posting, but Happy Birthday. The flowers were beautiful and the additions to the stash were wonderful. Sounds like it was a wonderful birthday. Take care!

Jurga said...

Happy happy Birthday! Sorry that I'm so late, I was sick this week. But it is better late than never, isn't it? :) Best wishes and have a great new year! :)