Saturday, August 01, 2009

Almost done

My Snowman is stitched with his scarf and mittens, now all that's left is the missing variegated thread, beading and embellishments.

Snow Patch - 31 July 2009

I must admit, the mittens were a bit fiddly to do. Needless to say this wasn't my favourite part of the design. Though I still think he's looking pretty cute!

I'll let you in on a little secret - I have actually finished it all off today. So I'll take some photos tomorrow and show you the finished result.

A number of you commented on the scissors I had in my photos on a previous post. They are a Gingher brand from 2005 (actually released in 2004 and now retired) called Olivia. I purchased them direct from Shepherd's Bush along with their 2005 Fob kit. They are engraved with Shepherd's Bush on one side of the blade, and 2005 on the other. Each year for the last few years or so Shepherd's Bush have designed a fob to go with the latest release of Gingher's Designer Series scissors. They have them engraved, but you need to buy them directly from SB themselves. Since they're my favourite designers, I just think it's a great collectors item.

Don't forget, my finished photos of Snow Patch I'll post tomorrow. :)


Karyn said...

OMW your canvas is gorgeous and the snowman is perfect :) may I ask, how long have you been doing cross stitch and how do you get your stitches so perfect, you inspire me.

Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day

Laura in NC said...

With anticipation, I check your blog each day. Your photography is really wonderful. I feel like I can reach out and touch those scissors! How do you get them the image so clean and sharp?

Thanks so much for sharing!


Tammy T. said...

Hi there Jane. I'm a few days new to your blog and couldn't remember if I've made a comment yet. Anyway, love what I've seen so far.
I love what I've seen of your stitcheries too.
And lastly, I really love the colors of this snowman piece.

Susimac said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the wonderful pictures of this lovely piece in its finished state, What a treat it will be for us ((hugs)

Colleen said...

Your work, as usual, is perfect!! I would like to know also how you make such perfect stitches :)

Love the scissors, too!

Kath said...

Gorgeous as always Jane, just ove the colours too. Looking forward to seeing it all finished.

Agree about the scissors, they are the best scissors I have owned, got mine in 2004 still going strong.

Jennifer said...

Love your scissors! Aren't Gingher scissors wonderful?
Your stitching is beautiful as always.......


Jane said...

Laura, I use Picasa's sharpening tool to get my photos a little more in focus. I also use my camera's software to lighten images.

Colleen, I don't know whether my stitches are perfect, but thank you for the compliment! :) I use a hoop when stitching to keep the fabric tight. I also let my thead dangle every now and then to untwist it.

Thanks to all for your wonderful comments. You keep me inspired!

Jane said...

Karyn, thanks also for your lovely comment! I have been stitching since the mid 80s - over 20 years now. I started my blog in 2005 and glad you are getting enjoyment from it. :)