Friday, July 31, 2009

My thread arrived

The missing thread for my Snow Patch kit arrived from Shepherd's Bush on Wednesday. Though I haven't filled in any of the gaps with it yet.

Threadgatherer - Southwest Sands

I've been making progress on Snow Patch. Didn't stitch any early on in the week, but have picked it up again last night. I think last Saturday I finished the patches and started work on the snowman. Then last night I worked a little more on him.

Snow Patch - 30 July 2009

I'll post again tomorrow, since I have more progress to show after tonight. It's getting late and I'm feeling sleepy, so I'll say bye for now. Thanks for all your comments - they make me happy just reading them! :)


Cari said...

Hello Jane!

The snowman (Snowlady?) is just a dorable. I love the lavendar hat.

Enjoy your weekend.


valerie said...

Beautiful progress on Snow Patch. Love the colors!

zetor said...

Your work is lovely, I love the pink and lavender colours.

Jackie in UK said...

That is such a pretty piece and you are speeding along with it! I love your blog, your work is all so pretty!

Jackie x

Jan said...

Beautiful pics of a charming wip! Glad your missing threads arrived!

Deb said...

Such a sweet piece. Glad that your threads came and you can finish it up.

Melissa said...

Well, sleepy girl, you'll have Snow Buddy here finished in no time at all! ;-) It's all looking very pretty.

Andrea said...

Beautiful progress.