Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mittens Bright

Not too much progress on Wooly Winter to show. I worked a little on it last night and managed to get the row of mittens done. This took me longer than I thought it would. The only other row I managed to finish was the wording above 'Mittens Bright'. I had to stitch this row twice, since I started it in the wrong place and didn't realise until I got virtually to the end. Some frogging was done on the row of mittens too, so with all this pulling thread out, you can understand why I didn't get very much done.

Wooly Winter - 14 August 2009

I hope to get more completed over the weekend.


JOLENE said...

Wooly Winter is turning out really nice. Are there any SB kits/patterns you don't have in your stash? You would really love to visit the SB store. It really is amazing. It is about 20 miles from my house. I visit favorite way to spend $$$$$$.

Jane said...

Thanks Jolene. I think the list of SB kits/charts I don't have would be shorter than the ones I do have. :) You're very lucky to be close enough to visit their store regularly.

Márti said...

Very beautiful stitching! :)))

Isabelle said...

Your winter sampler is turning out very nice and I like your new progress with these lttle mittens .....hum !!!
Happy stitching Jane ,

*Manja* said...

Sehr, sehr schön...^^
LG aus Deutschland, *Manja*

Debs said...

Oh, Jane, I'm sure you'll be able to complete this piece over the weekend--you pretty much have only the fun part to do--the snowman. Aren't the SB snowmen just the best? Love how your's is turning out, just quite beautiful.

Melissa said...

You were out of alignment too! Your stitching I mean! Me too with mine this week - a whole row of alphabets! But I was able to fudge my design as I didn't want to frog all those and risk ruining my linen.

Your winter sampler is looking lovely! You've got those darn mittens done so it will be downhill from here! (as in skiing downhill)

Gladys Creativa said...

Dear Jane!

I'm impressioned with your blog is lovely!
This stitch is spectacular, I like it so much!
I want to conitnue visiting to you...

Hugs and specials regards from Spain.

P.S. I love the cats too! I have one!

Jan said...

Won't be long now, and any progress, is progress!! Another beauty to add to your SB collection!