Sunday, January 04, 2009

First finish for 2009!

Yippee!!! I managed to get Life And Liberty finished last night. All that was needed were the buttons to be added this morning. This done, I'm able to you show some pictures of it.

DESIGNER ~ Shepherd's Bush
PATTERN ~ Life And Liberty
STARTED ~ 26 December 2008
FINISHED ~ 4 January 2009
FABRIC ~ 32ct Antique Ivory
THREADS ~ Au Ver a Soie, Gloriana, Thread Gatherer, and Soie Belle
BUTTONS ~ Just Another Button Company

As you know, I absolutely loved doing this. The size was good for me as it wasn't a huge piece, but big enough to feel as though you've accomplished something. The variegated threads worked well. The greens were lovely (Thread Gatherer - Golden Moss and Williamsburg Green), and the other colours were all so yummy. I enjoy working with silks, and using the recommended one thread at a time gives it that delicate look. And don't you love those buttons? They really add that extra something to Shepherd's Bush designs.
What's next, I hear you ask? I'm am spoilt for choice and sometimes that can be a good or a bad thing. There's so many I would like to do. I usually go with what is calling for me. Sometimes I'll get the urge for a design while I'm still stitching one, then other times I'm not sure what I'll do until after I've completed it. Since I loved Life And Liberty so much, I've had French Heart in mind. Then I wasn't sure because it's a bit similar with the scattered pictures. Maybe I should go for something different. I'll have to go and fondle my stash to get the vibe. Whatever I choose I know it will go at a slower pace because I'm back at work tomorrow, and that means less stitching time. :(


Melissa said...

Congratulations Jane! You were very speedy with this one. I love the little buttons especially the bird.

I had a look at French Hearts when I was considering what to buy - it's very pretty! Whatever you decide next will, I'm sure, be wonderful!

I know what you mean about less stitching time soon. Me too but I have one more day tomorrow! Have a good week.

cathymk said...

Lovely finish! Very pretty indeed.

Melissa said...

Your finish is wonderful! What a great finish for the first of the new year. Congrats!!!

Yuko said...

Congratulations Jane!
This is soooo beautiful and lovely design, actually all the SB's designs are lovely!!
I'm looking forward to know what you will stitch next!

karenv said...

It's really pretty, congratulations on a lovely finish!

Jurga said...

Congratulation on your first new year finish, Jane! It's gorgeous work.
French Hearts looks very beautiful too, if you will decide stitch it, it will be a good pair for this one :)

Loreta said...

Great finish, Jane! The colors are so beautiful!

Annemiek said...

It looks wonderful Jane, I loved seeing your progress on this piece. And I'm sure that whichever project you'll choose, you'll enjoy it :).

katleen said...

What a beauty !! Such lovely colors !
And I like the new look of your blog, with the flowers, very original !

Tammy said...

That is so pretty! Yes, a bit of stash fondling is definitely in order, but French Heart is good too, lol! Can't wait to see what you choose!

Paisley said...

What a pretty finish!

Wendy said...

that looks absolutely wonderfull, a job well done !

Pink.Canary said...

What a beautiful finished piece to start this new year!!
Congrats and...happy new year!!

Karoline said...

It's gorgeous Jane, congratulations