Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cruising along

This has been so enjoyable but I can see the end is near. I'd like to try to complete it before I go back to work on Monday, which shouldn't be too hard. Then I'll need to think about the next project! :) I've been thinking how lovely the mat would be for this one. May have to try to get it next time I order through The Silver Needle.

If there's any Shepherd's Bush fans out there (I know there are) and if you haven't already, you'll want to do this one. It is so fun, fun, fun!!!

Life And Liberty - 2 January 2009


Chrissie said...

Hi Jane, you are powering through that one alright and obviously really enjoying it. Do you start thinking about the next start before you have finsihed what you are working on? I know you have lots to choose from:))))
Happy Stitching!

Brigitte said...

It will look terrific with the mat, I think.

I have seen so muc SB stitching on the blogs that I visit that it makes me want to start a SB project myself. I have to browse my stash and see what calls for me.

Jurga said...

Wow, it looks more and more amazing every time! Especially I like this little bird on the sheep :)

Tammy said...

Well, you know I'm a fan! The mat would be gorgeous of course. Your progress is amazing on this, and it's so pretty!

Melissa said...

You know I will add it to my SB List! That does look like a lot of fun to do. I know you'll get this done very very soon! I'm looking forward to your next one (as I think you're on a roll.)

ps I hope to get back to stitching and some me-time today!