Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back Online!!!

I'm back in touch with the world again! Yippee!!! I had the phone technicians at my home this morning and they were able to fix everything and get my phone line connected again. How relieved and excited I was. I went to work with the knowledge that I'd be able to get on the Internet tonight and get back to my blogging.

As I mentioned in my last post I was able to finish French Heart. I loved stitching this as there was plenty of different needlework techniques to keep the interest going. There was nothing too difficult as Shepherd's Bush instructions are easy to follow. The only problem I had was running out of the Old Lace thread. I seemed to have plenty of French Stucco left over so maybe the quantities were mixed up. I managed to find some more Old Lace in another kit I'd already finished and used that, so no major catastrophe.

Here's some photos of it finished.

DESIGNER ~ Shepherd's Bush
PATTERN ~ French Heart
STARTED ~ 6 January 2009
FINISHED ~ 24 January 2009
FABRIC ~ 32ct Italian Linen - Sienna
THREADS ~ Threadgatherer and Soie D'Alger Silk
EMBELLISHMENTS ~ Handmade clay shoe button and Goldenrod beads (included with kit)

I haven't been stitching my current WIP the last few days as we're going through the hottest heat wave in 100 years at the moment. Temperatures have reached over 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit) the last few days and tomorrow's going to be no different. Even next week it's still going to be in the 30s (86 and above) all week. It's just so hot and my poor cats have no energy and they're just lying about on the floor. The air conditioner is going but gives little relief in these temperatures. We'll survive though.

In my upcoming posts I'll be able to show you my progress on Chocolat, a new exclusive kit to add to my stash, plus I've had Little Ballerinas framed for my niece. I'll be giving it to her this Saturday. The frame's nothing fancy but I'm pleased with how it's turned out.

I haven't had the time tonight, but I'll try to catch up with some blogs tomorrow night. Can't wait to see what you've all been up too!


jennilynn said...

Jane, your finish is just lovely.

Brigitte said...

Your finished SB piece looks just gorgeous. Congratulations.
I don't know how I could survive 40°C, and we even don't have air conditioning. But fortunately temperatures aren't going that here here in the summer.

Tammy said...

Jane, it's gorgeous! All the SB stuff looks so much better on your blog than their packaging, lol! They really do work up beautifully don't they?

Dovilė said...

Your SB finished looks great, Jane!
Very beautiful colors and stitching:)

Nicole said...

French Heart turned out beautiful Jane!! Your pictures are so pretty!! :) I'm so glad you are back! :)

La Brodeuse brode said...

i didn't know about this SB's design but it's beautiful one. Nice stitching and nice picture Jane.

Adriana Ortiz said...

Jane, lovely work !! It look so beautiful from the begining to the last stitch.

I'll send you a bit of this winter time we have here in Canada( -30 degrees ),if that help you ;)


Barb said...

This is a beautiful piece..your pictures are so lovely!

Danielle said...

French Heart is amazing! I love it.

cathymk said...

Just gorgeous! Congratulations on your lovely finish!

Chrissie said...

What a lovely finish Jane. Very pretty. Hope you are managing in the heat. Roll on Autumn.


Theresa said...

Your SB finish is gorgeous!!!! Congrats on this beautiful finish!!!!

Debs said...

Glad to have you back, Jane. Your finish is lovely. Can't wait to hear what you take on next. Great pictures!

Rūta said...

Beautiful finish ♥

Sally said...

Oh wow that is absolutely gorgeous!

Love your scissor fob!

Jurga said...

Jane, it's SO SO gorgeous! I don't get words to say how I love this work!.. :)

ness said...

Jane, I look at the shepherd' S which you embroidered. Are there models splendid but don't I find on sale as the “French heart” you can to me statement or you buy your shpeherd' S bush? thank you Jane. Good day.